FOX Fan Fun

Think you make the cut as a top-notch FOX Fan? Test your knowledge
against these FOX Fan games!

Whose Line Was It Anyway?
See if you can guess where some of FNC’s on-air talent got their start.
FOX Fan Word Search
Be warned wordsmith: this puzzle is not for the faint of heart!
FNC Look-Alikes
Were they separated at birth? Click over and submit your own!
Do You Haiku?
Who knew FOX Fans had such a flair for poetry!
Crossword Challenge
Print out our newest puzzle!
What's in a Name Game
Click over to find out what other words can be made from the names of your favorite FNC talent, and take our latest challenge.
Guess the iPod Playlist
See if you can match FNC personalities with their favorite songs.
Guess the Voices
Pause, rewind, and take your time — Guess all 10 FNC voices and prove your a top-notch FOX Fan.
Guess the Hair — Part Deux
Our first "Guess the Hair" game got a huge response, and FOX Fans asked for more. Click over to test your knowledge of FNC 'dos.
Guess The Hair
See if you can identify FNC team members by their hairdos.
Guess the Smiles
A tough one! For advanced viewers only.
Guess the Eyes
We know your eyes are glued to FOX News Channel...Can you name these FNC personalities by their peepers?

Check back for more FOX Fan fun and games coming soon!