Major Players May Die in New Season of '24'

A senseless slaughter will bring "24" commando Jack Bauer back from the dead.

Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) went into hiding at the end of last season after convincing the world he was killed. But death will bring Bauer back.

It's been a flash-point for "24" fans ever since word leaked in magazines and on the Internet that someone (or more than one someone) gets killed this season, which kicks off Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST on FOX (the second part will air Monday night at 8 p.m.)

Among the top candidates:

Kim Bauer (Elisha Cuthbert): Jack's annoying daughter returns after disappearing for two seasons.

Former President David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert): He's a beloved character from season one, but Bauer snubbed him at the end of last season.

President Logan (Gregory Itzin): Headstrong leader of the free world, he didn't leave things on good terms with Bauer last year.

Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard): Jack's pal from work has helped our hero out of tons of jams. Fans of the show are amazed that he's lasted this long.

"24" airs on FOX, which is owned by News Corp., the parent company of