Topics and Guests: Jan. 12

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On the fourth day of his confirmation hearings, Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito said that Americans have a right to designate family members or friends to carry out their right-to-die wishes, an issue pushed to the forefront last year by the case of a brain-damaged Florida woman. Jim Angle has more on today's hearing. And Megyn Kendall has legal analysis from the questioning.

President Bush made his first visit in three months to the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast, where there is still great need. Carl Cameron has a report.

And Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says President Bush, the State Department and the EU are working to settle the latest situation in Iran. Bret Baier has the latest from the Pentagon.

Then, while doctors continue to work on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon who remains in critical but stable condition, political machinations of the various parties begins in earnest. Jennifer Griffin has a report from Israel.

Also, Major Garrett continues to look at the future of GOP House leadership as the contest for House Majority Leader heats up on Capitol Hill.

And Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, is the acknowledged "Representative A" mentioned repeatedly in disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff's plea of guilty to attempting to corrupt government officials. Correspondent Steve Brown sat down the congressman to discuss the accusations against him.

Plus, Mike Emanuel will bring us details from a controversy in Virginia that is investigating whether the state put an innocent man to death in the electric chair 13 years ago. A Toronto laboratory is completing DNA tests at the request of Gov. Mark Warner, who is trying to resolve the matter once and for all.

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