Saturday, January 14

Join hosts Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes as they bring you the news from the nation's capital Saturday at 6 p.m. ET.

On "The Beltway Boys" this weekend:

Judge Sameul Alito faces a barrage of questioning during this week's Supreme Court confirmation hearings — we'll tell you how he fared.

The good, the bad and the ugly. Fred and Mort take a look at the big winners and losers from this week's hearings...

The nuclear standoff with Iran dramatically escalates this week — we'll tell you how the White House and the global community are responding.

And the race is on to replace Tom DeLay as House majority leader — we'll tell you who's leading the race and what Congress is doing to tighten lobbying rules on Capitol Hill.

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About the Show

Not just another political week in review – veteran Washington journalists Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke bring their capitol wit to FOX News Channel’s “The Beltway Boys.”

For a half-hour every weekend, Barnes and Kondracke take viewers inside the Beltway for a spin around the Washington political scene. The “Boys” highlight the week’s most politically driven moments and aggressively debate the issues from the left and right that are on the minds of Washington power players. They also follow the nation’s political races, including a discussion of early trends for the upcoming presidential election.

"Who's Up and Who's Down” highlights the winners and losers of the week in politics, and Barnes and Kondracke wrap up each show by offering what they know best as the quintessential Washington insiders, the “Tip Sheet.”