A New Connection

This is my first blog entry on this site and I am so happy to be connected with you, our viewers, in a way that I have been wanting to for a long time. I owe a “thank you” to those of you who have somehow tracked me down through e-mail, snail mail, and even phone calls, all the way in Rome, to offer me your feedback on the on-air commentary that I have been doing for FOX News Channel over the last eight months, trying to fill-out ordinary news items with a perspective that is often unheard. Sometimes you write to say you agree with me, other times to say that you don’t, but more often than not you write just to tell me that you are thinking and praying for me and for my work with FOX News.

I like the fact that you are from all walks of life. Your notes tell me that you are not all Catholic, not all Christians, not all religious or even spiritual, but that you share my interest in, and concern for, preserving the traditional values that have made our country great; values of freedom, tolerance, respect for law, for one another, and for human rights, especially the rights of those who have no voice.

Your interest in what I do is actually quite humbling. I’m not doing anything special and I know that many of you, in the silence and seeming obscurity of your own lives, do things of much greater importance and transcendence than what I could ever hope to do on television.

I look forward to using this new venue to share with you my view of the news stories that I find of particular interest, especially those with ethical and moral dimensions, and to answer the qustions that you send my way. When I am out on a story, as I was during the death of John Paul II, during the Paris riots, and as I will be this weekend in Venezuela, I will also use this blog just to tell you what it’s like to be on the road, giving you a bit of the inside scoop. But, above all, I am happy to be on this interactive blog so as to learn from you. Be honest with me. Write in and tell me what you think. Tell me why I am wrong. I want to listen and I want to learn.

Write to Father Jonathan Morris at fatherjonathan@foxnews.com