Topics and Guests: Jan. 9

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As day one of the Alito hearings concludes — the story continues on “Special Report.” What was said? Where does he stand on the issues? And what it all means in the battle over Judge Samuel Alito's Supreme Court nomination. Senior Washington correspondent Jim Angle reports on the highlights from today's hearing.

Plus, Brit sits down with correspondent Megyn Kendall to discuss the issues raised by opening statements from the senators and Judge Alito in the hearings today.

On Saturday, Tom DeLay announced he would permanently step down from his post of House majority leader. DeLay had temporarily stepped down after being indicted in a Texas court. But after lobbyist Jack Abramoff was indicted last week, House Republicans pushed for DeLay to step aside. Correspondent Major Garrett has a report.

And Bret Baier wraps up all the news on Iraq from the Pentagon after homicide bombers dressed in police uniforms attempted to attack National Police Day celebrations.

Then, doctors in Jerusalem have begun the process of bringing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon out of his medically induced coma and say that initial signs are encouraging but that his condition is still severe and it is far from certain that he will fully recover. James Rosen has the latest on Sharon’s condition.

Also, a man who once had great influence over Syria's foreign affairs and as foreign minister helped lead the Syrian effort to dominate Lebanon seems to have done an about-face. As correspondent Greg Palkot reports, a Syrian exile now accuses President Bashar al-Assad of threatening to kill the assassinated former Lebanese prime minister.

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