Belafonte Blasts Bush

The American singer and activist Harry Belafonte called President Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world" on Sunday and said millions of Americans support the socialist revolution of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. Read more.

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"I don't care. Most Americans don't really care and I can assure that Mr. Bush don't give Mr. Belafonte a second thought." — Richard (Washington, DC)

"Bravo Belafonte! Bush is a horrible leader and has done far more harm than good." — Katie (Portland, OR)

"Belafonte should take his act to Venezuela on a more permanent basis." — Ron

"This is outrageous! It borders on treason." — Bruce

"As a Venezuelan citizen I must demand Mr. Belafonte respect to the overwhelming majority of Venezuelans (80%) who, as a manner of protest, did not participate in the national assembly circus-election Mr. Chavez mounted. Attacking President Bush and hiding behind an illegitimate clown like Chavez shows the type of person Mr. Belafonte is." — Manuel (Wenatchee, WA)

"Belafonte should stay in Venezuela and enjoy the benefits of that country. After all, why would he want to live in the U.S. when it's being governed by a terrorist given the power to be a terrorist by the congress and the majority of the American people?" — Mike (Hermiston, OR)

"Belafonte should go and live in Iraq! He needs to realize what a terrorist is. He is a disgrace to America! He has the freedom to say what he wants to. However, he needs some education. He is speaking out of ignorance!" — Linda

"Belafonte is right. George W. Criminal should be thrown in jail." — Baxter

"What an idiot! I would love to see what he would have to say about all of the Venezuelan’s who have tried to protest Chavez. What would Belafonte have to say about Chavez's poor record on human rights and freedom of speech?" — Keri (Boston, MA)

"What 'millions of Americans' is Belafonte referring to? Where did he get this 'educated-guess' figure? How about Belafonte give up his luxurious life that he has gained from living in America and donate all his money to those millions of Americans? Belafonte is a hypocrite and liar." — Henry (Tampa, FL)

"Belafonte is absolutely right. Bush is certainly fostering terrorism in Iraq, where there had never been a suicide bombing until he invaded. The unprovoked attack on Iraq is one of the most shameful events in American history." — El

"Harry Belafonte is an idiot, and should be deported." — Charlie (Newport Beach, CA)

"I just had a great idea, why not 'send' Belafonte to Gitmo to sing to the troops!" — Jason (Atlanta, GA)

"Good job, Comrade Belafonte. You have always upheld the highest traditions of the Communist Party. After all, what has America ever given you? It's no wonder that millions of Americans are fleeing this rotten country to live in the socialist and communist paradises in North Korea, Cuba and Communist China. Good and faithful Comrade, your ticket is waiting." — Andy

"I think H. Bellefonte should be deported and have any U.S. citizenship revoked." — R.S.U.

"Mr. Belafonte should stick to writing and singing songs, and leave the politics for the nation's leaders." — Kelsie (Spring, TX)

"Mr. Belafonte has the right to speak his opinion. MANY Americans have died so that he has that right. I think that if he believes Mr. Chavez and Venezuela are so great, he should really consider moving there. He would be much happier, I am sure." — Cathy

"I do feel that Bush has been the worst leader and made things a lot worse, but Belafonte just comes off like an idiot. He has no clue about foreign policy and what it takes to run a country. He insults EVERY man and woman in our armed forces who has served and is serving now. Be a little bit more grateful and intelligent about your comments, or you can always move if you don't truly appreciate your freedoms as an American and what she has given you." — Jackie (Charlotte, NC)

"Belafonte should be ashamed of himself especially when the USA has been good to him, he is only digging himself deeper and deeper to the left, his US passport should be taken away from him." — Richard

"Bush has created a more violent world than before he took office. His policies and his many favors to his cronies (i.e. Halliburton to name just one) continue to do horrible things. His economic and environmental policies have almost thrown us into the dark ages." — Scott (Austin, TX)

"I think Harry Belafonte is a washed up, communist, bigoted, old man who wants the spotlight again. If he doesn’t like it here, by all means, go away!" — Fran

"I applaud Mr. Belafonte words. I hope that Chavez's efforts to shake things up with the trade of oil really stick it to Bush. Bush is just as much a dictator as any other in the world. In America we just think we live in a democracy. It's a joke and naive to think that it is truly the land of the free. Only for the super rich. America once had the promise to be a great example of democracy, but that has been slowly dying for some time." — K. (New York, NY)

"Harry should move to Venezula, give up his US citizenship and learn how much of a democracy there is in Chavez-land." — Ron

"I don't give one darn 'Day-O' what Mr. Belafonte thinks. When he sings 'Me-wanna-go-home' -- he should, back to Venezuala!" — Matt (Kings Mountain, NC)

"Thanks, Harry! Now I have a reason to clean my shelf of all your albums. Oh wait, I don't have any and neither does 99% of America!" — Phil (Los Angeles, CA)

"Harry Belafonte should be deported to his own country or better yet to Venezuelan where he can party with his buddy Hugo Chavez. The man is a disgrace. All the money and fame in the U.S. and treats the country like crap. Deport him, revoke his citizenship and no visa allowed." — George (Orlando, FL)

"I feel he is a traitor! This country is at war. We need support and prayers. He is endangering our countrymen who are on the front lines." — Shirley (Mount Washington, KY)

"Harry Belafonte is an idiot. I think he can be called a traitor!" — Bonnie

Look, I don't like Bush and think that he is the worst president in the history of our country - but to call him a dictator is just nuts. Belafonte just comes off like an idiot. I know he is a smart man, but I think he has gone off his rocker. No sane person will respect him. And what in the heck is Danny Glover doing hanging out with these clowns? Silly." — John (Camden, ME)