Subversive Silver Screen?

The film "Syriana" is based on the true story of a CIA operative sent to assassinate Saddam Hussein, and the agent's near murder by Palestinian terrorists from Hezbulah. But in the hands of actor/producer George Clooney, Americans are shown to be greedy and corrupt while suicide bombers are presented as freedom fighters.

"They are, in a way, more sympathetic, but I think that's important because if you're going to fight a war on terror which is not a state that you can go and bomb, you need to understand what it is that creates the people that would do such horrible things rather than labeling them 'evil-doers,'" said Clooney. Watch the video.

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Is Hollywood portraying an anti-war view of terrorism?

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"ABSOLUTELY! But what's really pathetic is that one of the main reasons that terrorists hate the U.S. so vehemently is the very same Hollywood limo liberals that take up for them. The excessive, immoral, corrupt, and promiscuous lifestyle that these people are known for is one of the biggest reasons that terrorists hate us, and these buffoons do the terrorists PR work for them. How sweet is that?! Your most hated enemy does your PR and propaganda work for you. Maybe the American people will realize who the enemy collaborators are this time." — Brian (Bowling Green, KY)

"Can you please tell me how ‘Syriana’ presents suicide bombers as freedom fighters? The film shows how a young man who feels he has nothing else to lose can be taken in by people who follow an extreme interpretation of a doctrine and be lead to believe his suicide will benefit a greater good and what he lacks in this world will be delivered in the next. I do not see how this movie condones that. It just shows how a person can get to that point. Poverty causes desperation." — Chris

"Hollywood won't get one dime of my money. Maybe as ticket sales continue to slide, the financial shock will knock some sense into these people. Sooner or later they may realize that their artistic values and twisted view of the world are not shared by most." Mark

"Ah the fanatics on the Right like to have everything so simple for their simple little minds. It's a movie! Move on. If you really think that the world's political climate is shifted by a film you need to crawl out of your cave more often." Matt (Mobile, AL)

"Hollywood is anti-American! How dare an overpaid actor make such a movie? Americans should boycott Clooney and the rest of the Hollywood clowns. Take a hike George!" Gary (Emerson, IA)

"Most of the people who claim the movie is condoning terrorism are clueless, have not read up on what is really happening in the Middle East and, to make it extra rich, have more than likely not seen the movie. It's the same nuts that like to burn CDs, books, or even witches. It's the uneducated angry because they can't quite understand anything that's not black or white." Linda (Chicago, IL)

"Yes, there are some in the Hollywood community who are expressing their ideas and opinions that show America as bad and the terrorist as freedom fighters. They are lucky to live in a country that gives them the freedom to express their opinions." — Judy (Stockton, CA)

"No they're not. They are showing both sides of the situation, in which you ultraconservatives can never come to realize there is another side. You only want to see the pro-American side and fail to realize that our government can be just as corrupt as some of those that we are fighting. Let's not forget that we are fighting a war under false pretenses. Also anyone that presents an alternate opinion or may question what the government is doing, the Right automatically deems them unpatriotic. This is a free country in which we have the right to speak up against the government; it's not something someone should be stepped on because of. Its part of what this country was based on, and quite frankly under this administration, should be practiced a little more." — Kevin

"Bill Bennett is correct. The people of our beloved country are becoming dumber by the nanosecond. Think, people, think! Hollywood is obsolete." — Betsy (Calera, AL)

"No, Hollywood is not 'anti-war,' not every celebrity is against the war. Quit trying to make people on the left look bad." — S.G.

"It's typical of Hollywood to portray America as the evil empire and that all our evils stem from our insatiable thirst for oil. The Hollywood leftists theme to 'hate America first' is what’s cool in tinsel town." — Daniel (Tulsa, OK)

"George needs to go to Iraq and help the so called freedom fighters and get the hell out of the U.S. Personally I don't see people who murder innocent people as freedom anything." — Armand

"Jesus, are we back in the inane McCarthy days? Humans have truly not evolved that much since the days of witch burnings. It is the so-called far Right and neo-con who call themselves Christians that spew the most un-Christian things. We live in America; the films mentioned are more than the simple critique given. Hopefully you can have a sane debate and intelligent discussion about the issues provoke and move forward. Most of the crazy conservatives want to blindly believe in a distorted idea of what patriotism is. They are just as dangerous as any zealot Muslim. Fanatics are fanatics who think their God is the right one, while in the process completing forgetting about humanity and the tenants of their religion." — Jane (Red Hook, NY)

"Cloney is a loony -- just like anyone who thinks they should be getting their values from Hollywood. If you don't like something, don't buy it. Jeez." — Pete (Morristown, NJ)

"What Clooney, Penn, and others like them are doing is outrageous! It is disrespectful to the men and women in uniform, and show how out of touch with reality they really are. I would love to see them go and live in one of the countries that sponsor terror and see just how far they could express their views about politics and the government before they were tortured and executed. It pains me to no end that people like George Clooney live under the blanket of freedom and security that we in the service provide, reap all of its benefits, yet spit in our faces and demean our sacrifices every chance they get." — Thomas, U.S. Army (Honolulu, HI)

"In the words of Mr. Clooney, 'we need to understand what it is that creates the people who would do such horrible things' as making a movie that shows terrorists, who suppress and murder innocent women and children, as freedom fighters." — Michael (Hunt Valley, MD)

"I saw ‘Syriana’ and did not think it portrayed an anti-war version of terrorism. We have had domestic terrorism in the U.S. Remember Timothy McVeigh? We had little sympathy for him. He was anti-American and thought our government was corrupt. He took his petty grievances out on hundreds of innocent people. The world is not black and white, and ‘Syriana’ shows that America is not a glowing tower of purity. It also shows how extremist movements grow. Ultimately, whether they exist on our soil or in the Middle East. It comes down to the crimes they commit. You can't justify the means of terrorists and I suppose you can't make them any more heinous by honestly depicting the shortcomings of our own government. Killing is killing and taking innocent lives is never justified." — Kelly