Your Grrrs: Jan. 5, 2005

Your Grrrs...

Gary in Sioux Falls, Iowa: Even though I am probably considered right of Attila the Hun by my peers, I've been asking myself the same question. The War on Christmas put me over the top when asked by pundits to boycott stores that said "Happy Holidays." I recalled that as far back as I can remember (I'm 40), people have used that term, and it was never considered disrespectful to Christ's birth. In fact, I "naively" assumed it was just a more succinct way of grouping Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year into one phrase.

Nikki in Cyberspace: Ever thought of starting an advice column for how to deal with obliviots? I love your column and it would be great if your readers could write in about specific issues (the person that smacks their gum in the office or being a non-obliviot married to an obliviot) and get specific advice about how to deal with the issues, along with the general wisdom you dispense. You could be our version of Dear Abby or Ann Landers! How 'bout it?

Nikki ... now that would be something, although I'm not sure I'm qualified.

Coleman from N.J.: I stood in a line at a CVS waiting for a prescription to be filled. The woman at the front of the line was arguing with the pharmacist, and at the same time, on her cell phone with her physician. The woman yelled at the pharmacist to speak with the physician (in order to get the correct prescription). The pharmacist yelled back, "Do you want me to come over there? I'm contagious!" Everyone standing in line looked at each other in disbelief. Contagious? Contagious with what??? How can a pharmacist be contagious and yet be working with drugs that are supposed to help people who are ill??? Thankfully, my prescription was a prepackaged eye dropper, but how are all those other people supposed to feel about a sick pharmacist playing with pills? GRRRRR.

Lisa L. in Springfield, Mo.: I agree with you about everything being so politicized. I, however, LOVE it! Politics affects so many areas of our lives from the price of gasoline to the tax on our milk, even how safe or unsafe our parks are. I think the politicizing of everything serves a purpose. That purpose is to make us all think for ourselves about what we agree or disagree with. My biggest challenge is to pick my battles and not get carried away with causes that don't matter.

Mike in Guam: For Ron in Lakeland, Fla.: Get off Anna Nicole Smith's back. She married a rich guy, he died, she got the money. So what? It happens fairly often and the money didn't come out of your pocket. Granted, she probably isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but who is? Who is smart enough to luxuriate in the public eye? I agree that the attention given to celebrities is excessive, but it is due to the hunger of the public for titillation and scandal that drives it. People need to stop spending so much time looking at their neighbors yards and spend more time tending their own.

Tom B. out of New Zealand: How can anyone take the good ole US of A seriously when across from your heading (on the right) is a header which says “Trump for President?" Here is a man who wears a dead rat on his head and tells everyone it isn't a wig. Can you imagine what he would try to tell you if he became president? “Every house in the USA will have a casino in its backyard” You have to be joking, in the words of a certain tennis player, “You Cannot Be Serious."

Antonio S. in Cyberspace: Go ahead, write an article about your favorite ice cream! You're probably either a vanilla-loving, right-wing, aristocratic nut-job or a chocolate-craving, commei-sympathizing, anti-Christian wimp. I DARE YOU!

Kelly in NYC: Hey Mike, here’s a little Christmas quiz for you. Which of these things do not go together:

a) Cranberry juice and vodka

b) 3-month old screaming babies at MSG for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert

c) Football and pizza. Or nachos. Or wings.

Need I GRRR more?

MBG in Madison, Wis.: I like vanilla ice cream ... gee, I just thought it was because of the taste. Kinda scary to know I have this deep personal agenda going there. Does the chocolate sauce and peanuts mean anything?

R.C. in Cyberspace: You don't like strawberry???!!!! Well, I'm on to your little trick! You're obviously over-compensating so as to avoid being unmasked as a PINKO COMMIE $#^*&^#! Respectfully yours, etc. etc.

Dave in Cyberspace: How much ice cream do you think the president could buy with the money he's spent on the war on terror. Hmm? You'll probably get 10,000 e-mails like this one so I'll just wish you a Happy New year. ;)

Phillip in Cyberspace: So your favorite ice cream is vanilla? Well, I suppose that's OK as long as you don't like "French" vanilla! Ha-ha. But seriously, how can you possibly wish for EVERYONE to have a Happy New Year??? That would mean that you wish for those terrorists punks to get their lifelong dream to blow up New York, or to vanquish the U.S. forces in Iraq!! How can you possibly wish THOSE people a happy New Year?? What's wrong with you? Oops!! Did I just politicize there?? Well, I guess that's OK since I'm writing this letter during the "old" year and not the "new" one.

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