Twelve of 13 Miners Found Dead

Two-and-a-half hours after family members were told 12 of the 13 trapped coal miners were found alive, the news came early Wednesday that the opposite was true: 12 were dead and one was fighting for his life.

The horrifying new information angered family members who had been rejoicing over the earlier news. Read more.

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"Words are inadequate when such tragedy strikes. It was so very unfortunate that someone made such a poor assumption and spread misinformation about the miners being alive. The emotional toll must have been enormous on those who lost their loved ones. May God grant them peace." — S.

"I heard one woman threaten to sue, and I think it’s natural to want to place blame and take some sort of revenge. But danger is part of a miner’s life. Accidents have happened in the past and will happen in the future. You can be sure an investigation will be launched, and if the company is found to be responsible, they will no doubt be sued. Of course, if the company goes out of business as a result, the mines will close, jobs will be lost…but there’ll be no more accidents." — Phyllis (Venice, FL)

"This tragedy underscores the risks of coal mining. There needs to be a full investigation of the cause, so that these lives were not lost in vain and others may benefit from the lessons learned. As far as the misinformation is concerned, it's inexcusable. The persons responsible should be found and severely punished. In my opinion, this is yet another example of how politicians and the media swarm to human tragedy for profit and political gain, putting undue pressures and distorted priorities on those involved in rescue efforts and apparently causing the premature release of information before there was an opportunity to verify it." — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

"I am a daughter of a retired coal miner. My dad worked 25 years as bolter. The bolter went in ahead of the other miners to bolt up a secure up roofs so it safe for the others to work. I know how the families felt every time their loved ones left for a days work that it could be the last time I'd see him alive. But I cannot imagine the devastating blow that they took last night by being told yes they are alive only to have their joy ripped from them. As I stayed up all night watching an praying, I heard one story of a ten year old boy when he heard the 12 where alive made said that he always knew his daddy would come home. Oh my dear precious God, how must that child be completely crushed. I just ask America to please keep these families and especially the children in your prayers." — Kim

"The news media has to take part responsibility for incorrect information. In today's world a tragedy that is unfolding is barraged with news media personnel from around the world. They place an undue amount of pressure on the people trying to solve the problems, to get the story fast and be the first network to announce news." — Fred (Mexico, NY)

"It's a tragic accident. It serves no point going on a witch-hunt to try and discover who misspoke. The info was inaccurate and unconfirmed yet, every news outlet reported it as fact. Why does it really matter if the inaccuracy lasted 30 minutes or three hours? You must know that it wasn't intentional. In a high stress situation like that, mistakes aren't unusual - they are likely to happen. While we all have a lot of compassion for the families, let's also have some for the officials and workers, many of whom literally risked their lives to try and save those guys." — Harry (Knoxville, TN)

"I mean it's hard enough on the adult family members of the victims, but for the children of those men who thought their dads were coming home to all of a sudden hear that they're in fact gone...heartbreaking." — T. (Indiana)

"I believe it is quite possible that the reason this one young man survived the mine accident is that his co-workers may have decided that since he was the youngest and had children, that they all gave any breathing apparatus, thus sacrificing themselves." — Dave (Gainesville, FL)

"What a heartbreaking tragedy for the families that have lost their loved ones!!! That is enough to endure!!! We need to pray as diligently for them as they were praying for their loved ones. I will!" — Nancy (Fairfield, NJ)

"I am heartbroken that 12 of the 13 miners were killed in the explosion, but I don't feel that anyone is to blame for the false news. Everyone wanted to believe they were all alive and no one would intentionally want to spread incorrect news. I can understand the pain of the families that had to go through such a drastic change in emotion in such a short period of time, but we must all remember that the rescue team, the mine company, and all those involved had only the best interest of the victims and the families in mind and would never want to hurt any one of them. Let us remember and celebrate the precious lives of these 12 courageous men and put the confusion of how we received the news, behind." — Sara (Pasadena, CA)