Your Grrrs Jan. 3, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Gary J writes: Thank you, Mary Freakin' Poppins... Can't we all get along? No. It's a jungle out there, and just because you want to hold hands and dance around the "May Pole" doesn't mean anyone else will want to dance with you.

And, just because you announce that you will only fight using "Marquis of Queensbury" rules, doesn't mean that the other guy won't pull out a tire iron and beat your thin skull in... You either fight fire with fire or they will march you off to the ovens! Liberal garbage? That's redundant.

CDO writes: I felt very alone in the center until I read your column. Why have so many people run to the extremes of their beliefs? When did it stop being about what was good for America, and became what was good for their respective party? People are missing the point, people around the world don't see Republican and Democrat, they see Americans. It doesn't matter if you agree with President Bush or not, we are all Americans, and we are all in this together.

United we stand, divided we fall isn't just a refrain from a bad '60s song (or was it the '70s), it's a moniker we need to adopt in this country, or we'll rev the motorcycle a little higher and barrel down the highway to hell just a little faster then we are now.

Joel B in Michigan: My GRR goes out to the people who just can't express a political view without calling someone else names. It seems like if my views aren't your views, then I am an idiot for having my views and you will be sure to call me some sort of name.

What ever happened to calm, rational debate using facts, logic and common sense and not insults and name calling? I guess I just don`t understand why everything has to be an all-out war and why some people insist on going through life constantly angry and feel the need to insult someone else on a daily basis.

Chuck C in Waco: Mike, I believe that too many oblivions consider politics in the same vein as a football game. My team must win at all costs!

Kenny P in Irvington, Ky: After glancing at your article, I don't think that you've been paying attention in class. It could explain your failure to comprehend the world of the pagan left that we have now come to live in. God's name now cannot be used in public, unless "damn" follows it, and then it's "protected speech."

Or just listen to TV and hear the constant "oh, my Gods." Kind of twisted, convoluted thinking, right? Oh why "can't we all just get along?" We could if Christians and Conservatives would just give up and submit themselves to the "religion" of secular liberalism.

Lynn H writes: I used to like reading your Grrrs; that was until you offended me. I will continue to read your articles. Best to know what the opponents are up to. People are taking stands for what they believe. In the United States you must stand firm for what you believe or you will lose your freedom of speech, your civil rights and everything else.

Nikkia D writes: I LOVED reading your article! Thank you for saying what SO many people are feeling. Too many times people want to politicize EVERYTHING!
I chuckled to myself when you mentioned the types of mail you would receive if you decided to write a review of Ice Cream, OMG, I know people who would actually write responses like the ones you mentioned... Sad, I know.

Sporter in Cincinatti: As usual, your backdoor approach to a self-serving, opinionated, spoon-fed, dim-witted analysis that no one asked you for.

Debbie in Amherst, NY: Thanks so much for your no-spin column. It drives me nuts that everything in the world is political. I don't even know where I fit in. I'm a registered Democrat so that would make me a Liberal but I believe and celebrate Jesus so that makes me a Conservative thus Republican.

I don't like the war but I understand the reasons and support the troops (I don't think they have a label for that yet). I think abortion is personal and putting someone to death for a crime sounds hypocritical (that doesn't even really make sense to me).

Also, I like the New York Times and I watch O'Reilly all the time. I find both very entertaining (as most politicians I've seen). Sometimes I agree with what's being said and other times I find them hilarious. TV and movies should take a look at the paper or news channels to find some really great material.

Pete in Florida: I am a retired soldier. As I traveled the World I noticed that in the foreign countries I was stationed in there is a sense of national pride shown in their purchases. In Europe you will not see many, if any, American automobiles; they are much too expensive to buy because of the import tax. Go to Japan and you see only Japanese cars, Korea the same thing.

Here in the U.S.A. Japanese people mostly drive Japanese cars. When I asked another veteran why he drove a Japanese car he said, "This is built here in the U.S.A." My response was, yes but the profit goes to Japan. I personally will not drive anything that is not a U.S. car!

Sure, maybe they cost more but the money stays here. Any time I see a veteran driving a foreign car I think of how short their memories are. Think of who built the airplanes that bombed our fleet at Pearl Harbor. Nuff said!

Edward L in Royal Oak, MI: I agree with your sentiments on our current “Us vs. Them” mentality in this country. What we need more of is open, serious political debate. We need less childish name-calling and the creation of bogeymen like “The attack on Christmas.”

Christine in Monterey, CA: You can’t win if you say your favorite flavor is vanilla for the reasons you listed. By the same token, you can’t say your favorite flavor is chocolate. So, spike their arguments and stump’em – say your favorite flavor is vanilla-chocolate swirl. Thanks for the doses of common sense in this getting-crazier-by-the-minute world. Happy New Year!!

Patricia in New Orleans: Amen, brother!

A Price writes: I am a Conservative and Republican. My favorite ice cream is FRENCH vanilla. I have actually been chastised for eating it. I had to remind my knee jerk friend that I don't think that Mayfield goes to France to actually get their French vanilla ice cream. I am pretty sure it is made in an American Dairy. My goal for 2006, to not give a damn... and enjoy my life.

Jessica M.C. in Falling Waters, WV: Happy New Year, Mike! Your column is refreshing and brutally honest. So what if people, both right and left, find an issue with every article? Isn’t that the purpose of your writing? I like the way you make people think, especially when they come down from their political high horses as a result. Keep up the wonderful work!

Squiggy H writes: I find it so hard to keep up on current events without feeling like I am either being manipulated or taken for a fool. I know it is cliche but what happened to celebrating our differences and working together on a united front?

Rob H writes: You sound a tad shrill. Relax.

Randy in Dallas: OK, Mike... my Grrr (and hope) for the new year. Is it at all possible for the movie industry to report the number of tickets sold each week to determine the box office king?

I'm so tired of hearing a movie championed as the best of all time when, obviously, the ticket prices are higher than they used to be. I remember seeing the original "Alien" movie in 1979 and paying FIVE BUCKS for the first time ever (and thinking it couldn't get any worse). Now movies cost $8 to $10 a pop and we seem amazed that the biggest blockbusters are being made recently (OK, except for this year... yuk). What if "Gone With the Wind" had cost $9 per person?

Tim from Alexandria, VA: Bravo on your column about trying to make 2006 a "No Spin Year." Your observations about the country's "Us vs. Them" mentality hit the nail right on the head! It's truly telling that in the same column you are accused of being both a puppet of the Conservatives and a Liberal piece of garbage. Keep up the good work; your columns are obviously doing the right thing: exposing extremists on both sides for what they are, insensitive oblivions!!!

Happy New Year.

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