Topics and Guests for December 29

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There's no end in sight Thursday to the wildfires that have killed at least four people and destroyed more than 120 homes across parts of Texas and Oklahoma.

Forecasters say more warm, windy conditions are in store for much of the Lone Star State, with no sign of rain in the forecast. Team FOX is live with the latest.

Then, cities like New York and San Francisco have always been big draws for young people. But sky-high rent and housing prices are now driving a lot of them elsewhere. Forbes magazine staff writer Victoria Barret weighs in.

U.S forces in Iraq have changed their tactics against terrorists — and it appears to be paying off. Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Steve Greer weighs in.

Plus, is Dick Clark well enough to co-host ABC's New Year's Eve special this weekend? We'll get the lowdown from entertainment columnist Roger Friedman.

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