Topics and Guests: December 29

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She posed for racy photos that made you blush. Then she did something with a young student that made you furious! Now, Debra Lafave could be facing decades behind bars! Her ex-husband, Owen Lafave, joins us to explain why he thinks this has actually been a good experience for him!

Scott Peterson was convicted and sentenced to death for murdering his wife and unborn son. But no murder weapon was found and there were no eyewitnesses to Laci's murder. Can his new lawyers find a way to set Scott free? We'll get the legal lowdown from Greta's panel of legal eagles:

• Michael Cardoza, former Alameda County prosecutor
• Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney
• Bernie Williams, criminal defense attorney

And, assaulted by a wild mob and beaten to within an inch of his life! 50-year-old Samuel McClain was pulled from his car and attacked by a vicious mob in the middle of the street. There were eyewitnesses to the crime, so why didn't anyone call the police? Greta investigates.

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