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It's official. The Department of Justice is looking into the leak of classified information about a secret program that involved eavesdropping on international telephone calls and e-mails to suspected Al Qaeda terrorists. Information about the program was made public earlier this month by The New York Times. The story was published despite a personal request from President Bush to top Times officials not to reveal the program.

Isn't the publication of this story just as important, if not more so, than the Valerie Plame leak in 2003? Investigative journalist and author Ron Kessler gives us his view of the controversy.

Then, we'll hear first-hand about the situation in Iraq and their personal sagas when we talk with two U.S. veterans who both wounded in Iraq: Sergeant Carl Oliver and Staff Sergeant Juanita Wilson join us this evening.


- A report from FNC's Steve Centanni at the Pentagon with the latest from Iraq.

- Major Garrett brings us an in-depth look at the latest fight over new tax cuts which take effect on Monday, January 1.

- Wendell Goler on the continuing confusion over the money allocated and donated to help bring relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. -- Where did all the money go and why are so many people still without homes in the Gulf Coast region as we head into 2006?

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