FOX Fans' New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again and FNC wants to hear from YOU!

Got a "Stop Doing" and/or "Start Doing" list for 2006?

E-mail us at and share your new goals for the New Year.

Here's what FOX Fans are saying they are hoping for next year:

"First, to be more positive. Second, enjoy every moment and not worry about tomorrow. Third, laugh more! And, the 'old faithful' stand-by, have a healthier lifestyle." — Tina (South Georgia)

"My New Year's Resolution is to not have a New Year's Resolution next year!" — Christopher (Ogden, UT)

"I don't really make New Year's resolutions anymore due to all the times I have broken them. I will try to be a better mother and wife. I will try to help those less fortunate than myself more often than I have. I will try to take time to thank soldiers who are doing so much to protect us. I will try not to let the news affect me." — Nancy (LeRoy, MI)

"To take salsa lessons with my wife of 40 years!" — Andy (Austin, TX)

"I am an Army Aviator, and in 1984 I saw this on a wall inside the bar of a Norwegian Air Force Base Officer's Club and it has been my resolution since: I will not drink! But if I do, I will not get drunk. But If I do, I will not stagger, and I will not fall. But if I do, I will fall face down, to cover my Wings." — Dwight, Major, U.S. Army, Retired (Mount Dora, FL)

"My New Years Resolution is to be more tolerant to the rest of the incompetent human race which have their head stuck where the sun don't shine and thus to realize by accepting that it is actual myself that I see in them." — Skip (Dallas, TX)

"To be happy and spread happiness to everyone I can." — Cynthia

"My resolution is to become more politically active, and do all I can to keep liberals from taking away any more of our precious liberties." — John

"To protect and preserve Christ in Christmas!" — Ken (Dallas, TX)

"That the western world can encourage moderate Muslims to ferret out the radicals within their religion and cease and desist the murder of innocent people around the world." — John (Sheridan, WY)

“To watch less network news and entertainment and read more non-fiction and periodicals.” — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

“To think about the good things happening all around us and not to dwell so much on the bad. God is good and I thank him everyday!” — Kathy (Rockland, ME)

“I'm going to stop feeling sorry for the Democrats and begin praying for them, as I make up a bunch of 'John Gibson for president' signs.” — Joe (Wasilla, AK)

“Not to make resolutions.” — George

“My resolution is to exercise and keep my body and mind healthy. After suffering a stroke last year, I am determined to beat the odds in 2006!” — Virginia (Young Harris, GA)

”My resolution is to learn Spanish in order to sharpen my personal and professional abilities. With the Hispanic community increasing tremendously every year, it is a definite must.” — Chris (Lexington, KY)

“To become more active in local government issues, especially problems associated with illegal immigration.” — Bill (VA)

“My New Year’s resolution is to only take a sick day when I am actually sick!” — Erin (Newburgh, NY)

“I just lost my Dad in August, so my New Year's resolution is to spend more time with family and friends.” — Cheri

“I plan to watch more FOX News, actually leave the state of Indiana for a vacation, catch every episode of FOX's “24” without recording it, stop drinking soda, exercise regularly, and get out from behind my monitor and actually go outside!” — James

“I plan to stop putting my size 11 shoe in my month when I talk to a woman I want to date.” — Aaron (Houston, TX)

“As a survivor of cancer this past year, it is only fitting that I watch my health, eat the proper foods, exercise (I now play tennis three days a week), and continue to look at life with joy and love, not with hatred and sorrow. Perhaps it will rub off on others and we can all have a wonderful life together.” — Jerry (Dana Point, CA)

"To visit my family more and be more generous with my time and money. There are far too many who are in greater need than I." — Jake (Austin, TX)

"Loose all the Christmas pounds I just put on and to join a gym." — Samantha (Lexington, KY)

"This year I will do my best to treat my fellow man the way I want to be treated. After all we are ALL God's children, whatever we conceive God to be. I will endeavor to live each day to fullest, following the example of children with their enthusiasm and wonder. I will nurture my family. I will be kind to my body, by getting enough rest and exercise and not overindulging in food or drink. I wish a more peaceful 2006 for the world." — Sue (Colorado Springs, CO)

"I look forward to watching and listening to Steve, E.D. and Brian every morning." — Gordon

"I'll try to be a better person and improve my health." — Brian (Gainesville, GA)

"To watching more FOX News!" — Eric (Chicago, IL)

"To stop letting those liberal Democrats in office get me so mad! I will remind myself that common sense ain't so common!" — Marc

"To stay away from fast food and cook more at home. Diet and exercise too!" — Joanna (Charlotte, NC)

"My resolutions are to continue the workout regimen I started four months ago and to finally graduate from B-school with my MBA." — John (Denver, CO)

"To finally ask my girlfriend of eight years to marry me." — Scott (Knoxville, TN)

"To just do a better job at home and at work!" — Mike

"I will not change channels when Ellis starts his silly chatter! I will continue to watch FOX & Friends. I will do my best not to laugh at everything Harry Reed tries to say! I will laugh more at Howard Dean's comments! I resolve to refrain from 'big head' jokes for Neal Cavuto! I will continue to always watch the 'Big Story' and to watch more FNC!" — Perry (Wisconsin)

"I pledge to do more to prevent Bush from doing more harm to our country and lobby to get our brave men and women out of Iraq! Enough is enough." — Sarah (New York, NY)

"To become a big brother to a kid who needs some guidance and friendship. I also hope to get more involved with my church and community." — Tyrone (Atlanta, GA)

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