Shopping for Bargains?

Shoppers armed with newly obtained gift cards and poorly greeted presents returned to malls and stores in search of returns, post-Christmas discounts and fresh merchandise.

The day after Christmas offered merchants another shot at getting consumers to open their wallets, with retailers hoping customers would be lured by sales and come to spend their gift cards, which are recorded as sales only after they are redeemed. Read more.

Will you take advantage of slashed prices, or are you shopped out?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I received some gift cards, wish I could turn them into cold hard cash." — Chris

"I'll probably take advantage of the slashed prices, especially the Christmas cards for next year!" — Susanne

"I wouldn't go near the stores if you paid me. Did ALL my shopping online." — Mary (Muncy, PA)

"Only at stores who believed in CHRISTmas." — Barbara

"I've already made some great bargains and traded in some so-so gifts for things I can actually use!" — Peter (Houston, TX)

"Too darn crowded for me to go out shopping. I'll be using all my gift cards online." — Sue (Chicago, IL)

"I actually donated the gifts that I couldn't find use for to charity. I wish more people would do the same. This current culture in America is too gluttonous. Not just in weight, but in the need and greed for things that we don't really need. Celebrate the true meaning of the holidays by giving and sharing." — Jenna (Boston, MA)

"I am taking a break, enough already. And I received plenty of gift cards, but they will keep." — Vivian (St. Louis, MO)

"I think no matter how great the post sales increase the volume of revenue in the stores, the liberal community will tell America how they loss revenue during the Christmas season." — Donna (Florida)

"My wife and I will indeed take advantage of the post-Christmas shopping bargains indeed at our local big chain superstore, where my wife and I have worked the past 20-plus years now." — Dale (Ottawa, IL)

"Contrary to popular belief, retailers are not losing money when they 'slash' prices. They just don't make as much! A 50% savings still makes them a 100% profit! I'll keep my money thank you." — Don (Millington, TN)

"No, the economy is too poor for me to be spending more. Due to this administration's relentless efforts to make the rich and their cronies richer, I have to work longer and harder just to save and keep afloat. Thanks Mr. President, Merry Christmas to you too. Doubt Jesus would have done many of things you have done to our country and the world." — Ed (Charlotte, NC)

"My entire family got me gift cards. While on one hand they are so impersonal and thoughtless, I will now be able to take advantage of some savings." — Doug (New York, NY)