Holiday Wishes for the Nation


With the Christmas and Hanukkah season upon us, FOX Fan wants to know your holiday wish for the United States of America.

E-mail us at and share your hope for the nation.

Check out what your fellow FOX Fans are wishing for:

“I’d love to see America rein in its foreign aid. We should quit helping out other countries with our tax dollars and take care of America first. Let's get our own backyard clean, and then we can think about taking care of the world.” — Rex (Monroe, WI)

“I wish that America starts to get the recognition it deserves for all the good we do around the world and that our troops stop getting the shaft when it comes to the treatment of prisoners.” — Heather (Stamford, CT)

“My wish is that the American people finally understand that Al Qaeda ranks second on the terrorist list, right after Democrats.” — Bob (Lynn Haven, FL)

“I wish we would get the U.S. out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.” — Dave

“I’d like to see Americans rely on other sources of fuel instead of just oil.” — Alex (Des Moines, IA)

"I wish the citizens of this country would start supporting American workers and American products before we all end up unemployed." — John (CO)

“I wish that Americans would open their eyes and look outside of the U.S. border. Specifically, I wish each of us would take responsibility for how our nation acts as a global leader, and make personal decisions that improve our world, not our economic position.” — Eric (an American living outside of America)

“I wish Congress would pass HR25 and S25 to change our tax system from income tax to Fair Tax!” — Gene (Navarre, FL)

“All I want is a constitutionally-limited government.” — Chris

“I wish all media personnel would stop interviewing out-of-office politicians: Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, Tom Daschle, etc. Who cares what they think? They're out of office and have no influence. They're out of office because people chose to remove them.” — Rus (Clovis, CA)

“We were founded on ‘In God We Trust’ and that's were we need to stay. That’s my wish.” — Larry (MS)

“One wish for 49 states: A newsflash that reads, ‘Ted Kennedy Retires.’ — Duane

“I have spent the entire year wishing and praying that President Bush is no longer in the White House. Too bad every wish can’t come true.” — Marcus

"I wish people in this country would be more ‘positive’ about everything. Things may not always turn out the way they want, but that does not mean it's the end." — Virginia

"My Christmas wish is that the Republicans in Congress will rediscover the actual meaning of their party affiliation (see: Ronald Reagan)." — Greg (Montrose, CA)

"I wish that more citizens would take responsibility for themselves, and be less dependent on my tax dollars." — Rob (GA)

"My Christmas wish is that the liberals would pull their heads out long enough to understand that their anti-Bush/war rhetoric is only accomplishing one thing: getting more of our soldiers killed." — Marc (Juneau, AK)

"My Christmas wish is that the citizens of this great nation truly understand and are grateful for the sacrifices of those female and male military personnel that protect us all. When I came back from Iraq in 2004, I was honored to have folks come up to me and thank me for my service to our country. It means a lot." — Kathy

"I pray for the return of sanity to the U.S.A." — Bill (Palm Bay, FL)

"My wish for this Christmas is that the Democrats would come to LOVE our country, and quit trying to tear it down. I wish the Republicans would ALL agree to back our president and get things done. I'm so sick of all the bickering and backstabbing of ALL MEMBERS in Congress." — Ronald

"I wish that everyone would watch FOX News for just 10 days and experience fair and balanced news reporting." — Charles

"My Christmas wish is that everyone would stop worrying about offending everyone else by saying Merry Christmas. We should each say what we believe and understand the good wishes from others who wish us something different. If I wish a Jewish man Merry Christmas, he should understand the kindness meant behind it. If he wishes me Happy Hanukkah, I will understand the kindness meant behind it too. Wouldn't that be much better and simpler than just saying nothing, or an empty 'Happy Holiday?'" — James

"I wish for a little less diversity and a lot more unity. Less about me and more about us. More my fault and less yours. More individual humility, confidence and honor; less arrogance, insecurity and lust. Comfort and joy in our daily life, not just in December. All the best to my fellow Americans." — Alicia

"I wish for us to capture Usama bin Laden" — Mike

"I wish that in 2006 the people of America could get over this 'all about me' attitude, where the majority desires of the nation are ignored. Our nation is being picked apart by selfish people demanding their way to be the rule of law. We need an awakening of the judicial system to stop the hijacking of American culture." — Alan (DeRidder, LA)

"My Christmas wish is that more Americans would take a stand for Christmas, and that retailers would acknowledge the name of the 'holiday' for which they are reaping the benefits. Merry Christmas FOX News. Doesn't that greeting sound great?" — Tiffany

"Merry Christmas! My hope for the nation is to end our moral freefall, restore the foundation our country was built on, and attain the promise to which we were called...greatness." — George

“I wish that the Left of Congress would tone down their rhetoric. Their desperation for power and the way they are trying to achieve it is dangerous to our country. Their behavior is transparent, divisive and ugly. It's imperative for them to respect President Bush and to band together with him at this dangerous time in our country's history.” — Helene (Owings Mills, MD)

“One word: PEACE.” — Linda

“My wish is for everyone to have a safe and happy Christmas season and to remember exactly what we are supposed to be celebrating. Special thanks to you and your fair and balanced reporting for letting me make up my 63-year-old mind for myself. Life is what you make of it, and although my life has been tough at times, I think God gave me the greatest gift by being born free in a country that is always looking for ways to help others less fortunate than themselves.” — Jan (Salem, VA)

“My wish for America is more Juliet Huddy, less Mike Jerrick.” — Paul

“My holiday wish is see our troops come home from Iraq. I understand that there is still work to be done overseas, but I dream of a day when this country begins to think of itself before others. I do not feel I am a bad person just because I would like to see the lives of Americans improve.” — Douglas

"If any citizen is unhappy with current members of Congress, they will have the right to vote for change in 2006. If they are unhappy with the president, they can vote for change in 2008. In the meantime, 'Why can't we all just get along?' Let's set a good example for the rest of the world. God bless America." — Nick (CA)

"I wish all of the media would be fair and balanced like FOX News and stop their senseless anti-American, anti-Bush campaign which is destroying our country and getting troops needlessly killed." — WEA (Bismarck, ND)

“I wish that all news organizations would stop showing Saddam Hussein's picture. It would benefit us as a nation to not give this madman more attention then he’s already getting. Seeing these pictures on the front page make it seem that he still has power and is a force to be reckoned with. It also probably scares the Iraqis.” — Benjamin

"My wish and hope is for an HONEST government. In my opinion, this one is swamped with lies and corruption. We need an administration that actually serves the people of this great country, not themselves." — Tom (Pasadena, CA)

"I wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and a great New Year's! If this offends anyone, my hope is that you get a new life." — Perry (WI)

"My Christmas wish is simple: Boycott Aruba!" — Jacob (Mansfield, TX)

"Thank you to FOX News for maintaining a traditional Christmas greeting. My hope is that others in the media follow suit." — Mike

"I wish that all our servicemen and women come home safely to their families." — Barbara

"My hope is that this country wakes up and realizes that the president has done an amazing job of keeping us safe since 9/11. Do you think the people who want to kill us just went away? No! They are being stopped by an aggressive administration. Let's pray for more of the same." — Heath (VT)