Jessica Split Means War

Starlet Jessica Simpson officially slammed the door shut on her marriage to Nick Lachey Friday when she filed for divorce -- making it clear her hubby would have to fight for every cent earned in their well-publicized relationship.

The blond bombshell is demanding the court not award Lachey a cent of "spousal support" and is asking for time to compile their assets -- separately -- according to divorce papers obtained by The Post.

The filing at L.A. Superior Court Friday comes less than a month after the pair officially announced their separation Nov. 23 -- and puts the kibosh on recent speculation of a reconciliation between the famous former "Newlyweds."

Simpson cites "irreconcilable differences" for the divorce and names her attorney as Robert Kaufman, the man who handled Jennifer Aniston's divorce from Brad Pitt.

Guaranteeing a battle, Kaufman will go head to head with Lachey's lawyer, Laura Wasser, who represented Angelina Jolie in her bust-up with Billy Bob Thornton.

"Nick is prepared for it to get ugly," a source close to Lachey told Us Weekly. "But that's certainly not what he wants."

The Simpson-Lachey marriage lasted three years but speculation over its legitimacy has been rife since Lachey was at a wild bachelor party last October.