Topics and Guests: December 14

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History is about to made in Iraq, where the polls are set to open and as many as 15 million Iraqi voters will get their first chance to vote in a free parliamentary election. We will bring you the latest information on this breaking news story throughout the show.

A new tell-all book about the Scott Peterson trial hits the shelves today. But since the book's author was kicked off the Peterson legal team before the case went to trial, how much does he really know? We'll get the lowdown from Greta's panel of legal eagles:

• Jim Hammer, San Francisco assistant district attorney
• Jeff Brown, criminal defense attorney jeff brown.
• Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney
• Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney

Then, an ultimatum in the Natalee Holloway case: Aruban newspaper editor Jossy Mansur joins us with the details.

And, the man charged with sexually assaulting and killing Jessica Lunsford makes a stunning admission. Find out what it is on tonight's edition of "On the Record."

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