November 2005

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Jolly Roger With an Uzi: The Rise and Threat of Modern Piracy
Author: Jack Gottschalk
In the past year alone, reported pirate attacks have increased more than eighty percent — and a large number are believed to go unreported — yet few people are aware of the scope and ferocity of today's marine terrorism.
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Breaking Rank: A Top Cop's Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing
Author: Norm Stamper
With provocatively titled chapters like "Why White Cops Kill Black Men" and "Sexual Predators in Uniform," Stamper reveals a force that can be racist, corrupt, overly militaristic, and chauvinist, yet is also made up of brave and good men and women.
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Next Man Up: A Year Behind the Lines in Today's NFL
Author: John Feinstein
From the first strategy sessions of a new season to the last down of the final game, John Feinstein reveals the intensity, spirituality, and near life-or-death drama of professional football as it's never been revealed before.
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Yes, You Can Still Retire Comfortably!
Author: Ben Stein
The generation that's used to having it all is suddenly finding that it doesn't have enough. Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth show you how to get back on track. They outline the steps you can take today to assure your future tomorrow.
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Future Jihad: Terrorist Strategies Against America
Author: Walid Phares
Though an alarming new picture of what we can expect from terrorists in the future, Walid Phares reveals how the United States can win the war. “Future Jihad” shows how our defenses have been infiltrated; identifies the future generation of homegrown terrorists; and points the way for America to win the ideological war at the heart of jihad.
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The Next Attack: The Failure of the War on Terror and a Strategy for Getting it Right
Author: Daniel Benjamin
Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon show how the terrorist threat is evolving, with a broadening array of tactics, an army of new fighters and, most ominously, a widening base of support in the global Muslim community.
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Our Oldest Enemy: A History of America's Disastrous Relationship with France
Author: Mark Molesky
Americans have been particularly irritated by French cultural arrogance. This irritation has now blossomed into outrage. "Our Oldest Enemy" shows why that outrage is justified.
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I Should Be Dead By Now
Author: Dennis Rodman
The new book from the two-time best-selling author details Rodman's struggles in life since he stopped playing in the NBA, including the breakup of his marriage to movie and TV star Carmen Electra and his problems with alcohol.
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Black Gold Stranglehold
Author: Craig Smith and Jerome Corsi
In “Black Gold Stranglehold,” Jerome Corsi and Craig Smith expose the fraudulent science that has made America so vulnerable: the belief that oil is a fossil fuel and that it is a finite resource.
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100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (And Al Franken Is #37)
Author: Bernard Goldberg
No preaching. No pontificating. Just some uncommon sense about the things that have made this country great — and the culprits who are screwing it up.
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Can a Guy Get Pregnant? : Scientific Answers to Everyday (and Not-So-Everyday) Questions
Author: Bill and Rich Sones
Bill and Rich Sones are coauthors of the widely-distributed newspaper column “Strange But True.” Over the past eight years, they've gathered together thousands of questions and have diligently tracked down the scientific research that answers them.
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The Fortune Hunter
Author: Suzy Spencer
Multi-millionaire Steven Beard, Jr., knew his family was suspicious of his new thirty-two-year-old bride, Celeste. All that mattered to the 70-year-old widower was love. He forgave her when she stole his late wife's jewelry. He stood by her when she entered a psychiatric hospital for depression. What he didn't know…
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Indivisible: Uniting Values for a Divided America
Author:Martha Zoller
In a time when many pundits argue that America is a politically divided nation, Martha Zoller, a radio and television personality herself, argues that in our shared national history we have more common ground that unites us as a people than divides us.
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Tales from the Left Coast: True Stories of Hollywood Stars and Their Outrageous Politics
Author:James Hirsen
Through extensive research and scores of interviews, Hirsen uncovers some of the most ridiculous, infuriating, and damning political stunts pulled by celebrities of yesterday and today, and he traces the tangled web of influence the Hollywood elite have over politicians in Washington, D.C.
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Going Places: How America's Best and Brightest Got Started Down the Road of Life
Author: E.D. Hill
A collection of moving and instructive profiles that reveal exactly what inspires and drives our nation's best and brightest to survive and thrive.
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Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild
Author: Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin ruthlessly and raucously skewers the myths of liberal tolerance, peace, and civility. The good news for liberals? Self-help starts here.
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Author: Patricia Cornwell
Dr. Kay Scarpetta, now freelancing with the National Forensic Academy in Florida, takes charge of a case that stretches from steamy Florida to snowbound Boston, one as unnerving as any she has ever faced.
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The Rivalry: Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and the Golden Age of Basketball
Author: John Taylor
”The Rivalry” has at its core a philosophical question: Can determination and a team ethos, embodied by the ultimate team player, Bill Russell, trump sheer talent, embodied by Wilt Chamberlain?
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Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy
Author: Peter Schweizer
Peter Schweizer decided to investigate, in depth, the private lives of prominent liberals. Using everything from real estate records, IRS records, court depositions, and their own statements, he sought to examine whether they lived by the principles they so forcefully advocate.
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Thieves of Baghdad
Author: Matthew Bogdanos
A mixture of police procedural, treasure hunt, wartime thriller, and cold-eyed assessment of the connection between the antiquities trade and weapons smuggling, “Thieves of Baghdad” exposes sordid truths about the international art and antiquities market.
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Bode: Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun
Author: Bode Miller
It's just the way he lives: fast, honest, and wide open. In this candid book, the two-time Olympic medalist and champion skier shares his story, the secret of his success, and his philosophy of life.
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Denial and Deception: An Insider's View of the CIA from Iran-Contra to 9/11
Author: Melissa Mahle
Melissa Boyle Mahle risked her life working as an undercover CIA field operative in the Middle East until her departure in 2002. She therefore has a unique vantage point from which to view the political and operational culture of the agency in the post-Cold War climate.
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Our Oldest Enemy: A History of America's Disastrous Relationship with France
Author: Mark Molesky
In this provocative and brilliantly researched history of how the French have dealt with the United States, John J. Miller and Mark Molesky demonstrate that the cherished idea of French friendship has little basis in reality.
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