Air Marshals Take to the Rails

Federal air marshals will expand their work beyond airplanes, launching counterterror surveillance at train stations and other mass-transit facilities in a test program this week, according to internal federal documents.

Teams of undercover air marshals and uniformed law enforcement officers will fan out to bus and train stations, ferries and mass-transit facilities across the country to "counter potential criminal terrorist activity in all modes of transportation," according to documents from the Transportation Security Administration. Read more.

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"Just what we need — another venue where we all have to watch what we do and how we talk to our friends, lest a roving marshal decide we're a threat that needs to be dispatched. It's starting to feel a little like a police state, and not being the police, I'm somewhat bothered by it." — Bill (GA)

"Absolutely. We are lucky to live in a country that cares so much about the lives of its citizens, enough to risk the lives of law enforcement in order to protect us. Thank you, U.S.A!" — Sara (Pasadena, CA )

"As a daily train rider in Miami, I have never felt unsafe. However, since trains were targeted in London, it does seem right that some sort of surveillance is in place. My only question is: would these 'train marshals' only respond to a terrorist threat or to any type of disturbance? If the latter, what level of force would be taken?" — Sandi (Coconut Grove, FL)

"Golly-gee-whillickers, Mr. Wizard! It's so good to know that the government is finally spending MY tax dollars to protect me no matter how I travel. But we'll have to give them a new name, because 'air' marshal doesn't cover the myriad duties they will now perform. Eureka! I've got it! Let's call them Mass Transit Marshals. Oh, boy! I can hardly wait until Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration decide to let the marshals infiltrate our carpools. What fun!" — Frank (Plano, TX)

"Yes, it's a step in the right direction. Keeping them incognito is also wise. That way air marshals are not sitting ducks. Not knowing how many there are, where they are, or if there are any at all will keep the terrorist guessing." — Alice (MI)

"Yes, I absolutely feel safer knowing there are undercover agents during a commute and/or flight. Our world has changed and we can no longer assume we are safe just because we live in America. Unfortunately, we have allowed terrorism to take hold and we must now take strong and assertive action." — Judy (Stockton, CA)