Topics and Guests for December 3

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The debate over convicted murderer Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams’ pending execution continues. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to meet with Williams on Dec. 8, the first time a governor has agreed to a private meeting with an inmate since former Gov. Pete Wilson rejected a clemency request in 1992. But is the upcoming meeting is a good idea? And why is Hollywood up in arms over Williams’ story? Jasmyne Cannick of the National Association of Black Journalists and Lawanda Hawkins of the Crime Victims United of California debate it!

And, we’ll talk to a spunky teen who fought off an attempted rape and abduction. Now that her attacker is finally behind bars, 15-year-old Stephanie Quackenbush tells John her amazing story and explains why she’s getting the last laugh!

Also, we’ll introduce you to the principal of a Philadelphia elementary school whose new book, “I Choose To Stay,” recounts the events that led him to a career in education. His experiences would daunt many but Salome Thomas-El’s personal devotion to his pupils and creativity in developing programs to engage and educate them are truly inspiring.

Plus, we’re honoring our Hero of the Week! Meet Ricky Caldera, a nine-year-old Denver boy who was shot as he shielded his younger brother from gunfire during a home invasion. It’s a terrifying story with a happy ending. Ricky and his mother, Rosa, join us this weekend.

Those stories and more on this Saturday's "Heartland."

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