Life or Death for Tookie?

Lawyers for Stanley Tookie Williams pleaded for his life before Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday, five days before the founder of the murderous Crips gang — now a peace activist — is scheduled to be executed.

The governor is considering pleas echoed by Hollywood actors, death penalty opponents and others to grant clemency so Williams can continue his work convincing young people to reject violence. Read more.

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Tookie may turned his life around, but what the all the murders, crimes that have been committed because of him and in his name. It if wasn’t for him there would be one less gang of thugs trying to rule our streets. He should be also held partially accountable for the actions of what his gang has done, while he was in prison." — Tao (Madison, WI)

"Why are so many so-called Christians so blood thirsty for this man's death? It is so sad and tragic to see so many so full of hate. Many of who have never had a conversation with this man. We truly are still living in the dark ages. I am sure most of these people calling for death would love to start the witch trials up again." — Leon (Chicago, IL)

"Death! If he wants to set an example, then he should be executed." — D.B. (Alabama)

Arnold should give Tookie clemency, because he has changed his ways and is helping our community by telling them how it has ruined his life. And when he was convicted 26 years ago they didn't have enough evidence to sentence him to death and he had an all white jury, which is totally unfair for an African-American 26 years ago. If Arnold doesn't grant him clemency it will show that our government is falling apart and we need to do something fast." — Dylan (Lincoln, NE)

"If he can be used to truly make a difference and actively try to end the violence he helped organize and create, then his life may hold some value. Not one penny of the profits made from anything he writes or creates can go towards his own gain. He must be reminded daily of the lives he stole. He must spend every day atoning. Otherwise, I don't see what the purpose of allowing him to not show remorse and live off the taxpayers dime is." — Jack (Shelby, NC)

"Save him." — Anne

"He's never told the family of the man he murdered that he's sorry, and he's had the opportunity. He's smart enough to feign reformation, but too stubborn to even fake an apology. No remorse, no clemency." — Dave (Duluth, MN)

"I would vote to save Tookie’s life." — Sherice

"If I was Governor Schwarzenegger, I would let the penalty stand as decided. There was no mistrial. The case isn't in dispute for a lack of evidence or changes in it with the advances in technology. The sole reason for asking for clemency is because he has supposedly now become a peace activist and accepted Christ. If this is true, this is great and God will redeem him from his past and grant him eternal peace. The families of the people he murdered also deserve their peace. The penalty stands." — Brian (Elmore, OH)

"I think he should have been put to death a long time ago." — C.

"Yes, clemency should be given to him but only but God. Tookie will meet his maker and then he should hope that he has been forgiven. That is for God to decide, not us. He has been convicted and must take responsibility for his actions. God will take care of the rest." — Jude (Atlanta, GA)

"He is a cold blooded murderer scumbag who should have been put down years ago!" — Patrick (San Diego, CA)

"The people he killed are still dead, aren't they? Good, he reformed, but he should still pay for what he did. What kind of message are we sending to other killers if he gets off? That what they do doesn't have permanent consequence?" — J. (Walla Walla, WA)

"I would not waste any more tax dollars on this gang member. He killed three innocent people. His sentence should have been carried out many years ago." — Marguerite (Winchester, VA)