Bush Puts Military in Tough Spot

Speeches by President Bush in recent weeks before military audiences about the Iraq war debate have raised questions about partisan issues being brought up in front of U.S. Armed Forces.

While polls may show Bush lagging in popular approval, the U.S. military views the commander in chief warmly, and he shows a likewise appreciation. Read more.

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"Explaining our war plan should not be a partisan issue. Democrats just can't seem to bring themselves to offer 'real-life' help or solutions so they just automatically bad mouth the president. All this partisanship, Republicans included, is doing nothing for our country. I say we need a bunch of new people in the Senate and House. — Bob (Oklahoma)

"You don't think members of the military check the news, or know how to use the Internet? They know already that President Bush is 'unpopular,' and that many Democrats are pushing for immediate pullout. They also know that this wise president will not abandon them, as many in this country did to our service personnel during the Vietnam war." — Larry (Solvang, CA)

"One of the nation's two great political parties (Democrats, minus Senator Lieberman) has spoken almost in unison against our armed forces. In an earlier time this would have been considered treasonous. President Bush speaks of this to the very people being effected and THIS is the problem? Please. I wish the president would speak louder and clearer about these heinous and vile statements. If he doesn't, then I pray the American people do so at the ballot box next November. — Matt (Ayer, MA)

"The overwhelming support of our military personnel for the president and his Iraq policies point out an inescapable dichotomy. Either the general public OR the military personnel on the ground in Iraq don't know what's really going on in Iraq. Either the mainstream media is misleading the public about the progress in Iraq, or the eyes and ears of our soldiers are. My guess? I'll take the opinion of our volunteer soldiers over paid political hacks any day." — Mark (Mesa, AZ)

"Our troops need to know they are appreciated, not how some of the people feel about them, and how much they dislike the war. They are doing their job as well as can be expected. They are heroes." — Patti (Southwest City, Mo)

"No, this is not an awkward position for the military. These are soldiers of the United States and it is not their war to fight based on their individual belief. They signed on voluntarily to put themselves in the face of danger for the sake of freedom, which is the ultimate sacrifice. George Bush is the commander in chief. These soldiers want to hear that their commander and the American public are behind them. That message is being clouded. This is not the time to start governing the war on terror by polls so the Democrats can gain some political clout for 2006." — Michael (Dallas, TX)