Speak Out: Terror Report Card

The former Sept. 11 commission gave "more Fs than As" to the federal government Monday in a report card that grades efforts to shore up national security and prevent another terrorist attack on the United States.

"We believe that the terrorists will strike again — so does every responsible expert that we have talked to. And if they do, and these reforms that might have prevented such an attack have not been implemented, what will our excuse be?" asked former commission chairman Thomas Kean, a Republican and former New Jersey governor.

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"Our government has NOT done nearly enough to protect the citizens. The current administration has done nothing but divide this country through fear and intimidation. The ONLY thing this Administration has done is to go out of its way to insure huge corporate profits for the oil companies and Halliburton at any cost." — Tom (Pasadena, CA)

"Politics as usual in Washington! Democrats and Republicans both, would rather play political games and worry more about getting re-elected, than actually putting OUR tax dollars to good use! State and Local Governments are no better! They spend the money they get on very few practical items, and use the rest for Pork Barrel Projects! If and when another attack strikes this country, we will be no better prepared than before 9/11!" — Marc (Morgan City, LA)

"No! The government is not doing enough to protect America from another terrorist attack." — Brian (Elmore, OH)

"No matter what the U.S does to protect itself, there is no way we can prevent a terrorist attack. If a terrorist is bent on attacking, they will find a way. It doesn't have to be a plane or train. They will find a way. Instead of doing all the complaining and backbiting, maybe all of us need to be on our guard more. The terrorist will find a way to attack no matter what we do." — P. (Southwest City, MO)

"The government is doing what we want it to do. If we as a people wanted the government to put our safety first we would ensure our representatives are doing their job. If the government has not put our safety first then it’s our fault. There is only so much money and so much time. We need to decide what is most important to us. We all need to make decisions about how our money is spent. Most people believe the money the government spends belongs to someone else. It’s our money and when we realize it the government will be more responsive to our desires. I suggest the government no longer be allowed to take taxes out of our paychecks each week and make each of us write a check each week to pay our taxes. When we see our money leave our check book we will look at the government in a completely new light." — Pat (Fort Walton Beach, FL)

"I haven’t seen any bombs going off in my area. Keep up the good work President Bush!" — Gil

"Yes. The proof is that despite all of the efforts to harm America, Americans, and American interests; these efforts have not succeeded in this country as opposed to the terrorists’ successes in Jordan, etc. President Bush is doing a tremendous job in helping America. He was left with a mess after the last president, and he has accomplished so much, even with all of the disasters and problems that were beyond his control." — Peggy (Florida)

"As time passes the horror of 9/11, the resulting resolution to 'never let it happen again' wanes. Thousands died in the 9/11 attacks. Did they die in vane? We owe it to their memory, to their families and to all of us who remain to do everything in our power to protect each other from those bent on our destruction. With a vast open border to our South, with failure to follow-up on expired visas, with air travel carry-on restriction relaxed, with intelligence communities competing to be 'first.' What is going to take for congress to stop the political rock throwing and commit to and fund needed security efforts? I pray to God it is not a nuke set off in downtown New York, Chicago, LA or some other major city or area!" — Jerry (Alabama)

"You want to know what our government is doing to protect us from terrorist attack? I'll tell you exactly what they're doing: They're doing what they do best - sitting around with their fingers up their noses!" — Frank (Plano, TX)