War on Christmas

It's time for my final thoughts on the political correctness of Christmas.

I'm not interested in spouting off every week, but from time to time things drive me crazy and I have to tell you about it.

I've wondered in the past few days if the attack on Christmas was hype, just media hyperbole. I'm convinced now that it is not hype, as you see example after example of efforts to silence Christmas celebrations across the country in parades, town squares and schools.

Christians are speaking out and demanding that Christmas celebrations remain a part of America.

But don't miss what this fight is really about. Christmas has been a rallying point for those who believe that religion in America is under fire from a few non-believers and those who worship at the altar of political correctness.

Believers are not interested in shoving their religion down anyone's throat, but they are fed up with the tyranny of the minority that tries to set the rules for our country.

Christmas is a tradition in America. Those that celebrate it believe that a God who loves us came to earth as man. We believe that other religions should be respected, especially that of our Jewish brothers. And tolerance of non-believers is an American guarantee.

However, I believe that the fight for religion in America is necessary, not to divide us but to guarantee that we remain a free and good nation.