Stern Reveals Plan to Be Filthier Than Ever

Howard Stern has crowed for months about how he'll get as filthy as humanly possible when he jumps to censorship-free Sirius Satellite Radio next month — and now he's revealing for the first time, in a New York magazine interview, just how X-rated his new show will be.

In an expletive-filled interview that hits newsstands Monday, the sex-obsessed shock jock tells of five new jaw-dropping features that are sure to push the boundaries of bad taste.

The idea behind the filthy five ideas, Stern says, is to gratify his listeners.

"Wouldn't it be brilliant if my audience could all lie down at night together and [achieve orgasm] together?" he asks.

To that end, Stern plans to offer up one regular segment called "Confessions from the Bunny Ranch," in which he plans to wire a room at the famed Nevada home of legal prostitution for sound.

"You'll be right in the prostitute's room. You'll hear the negotiation ... You'll hear the after-sex conversation," Stern tells New York.

He's also working on a sex-drenched send-up of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," in which contestants get to have sex with an adult film star if they pass a quiz.

"It's going to be difficult," Stern cautions.

Stern will also feature appearances by a 24-year-old Playboy model who will offer phone sex to his audience.

For years, he presented the "Lesbian Dating Game," in which a gay woman got to take her pick of three hot women. But the segment was dropped after the FCC began its crackdown on "indecent" and "obscene" material. Now it's coming back.

"I'm going to give you real action," Stern says.

Stern is also getting ready to send up "The View," which he's ranked on for years, using four crack-addicted prostitutes.

"Every night we're going to take the exact topics that 'The View' talked about," the shaggy-haired gabber says. "It will be 10 times better."