Topics and Guests for November 26

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Is there a liberal plot to ban Christian holidays? "Big Story" host and "The War on Christmas" author John Gibson shares his thoughts.

And, actor Jon Voight gives us a sneak peek at his upcoming CBS mini-series in which he plays the late Pope John Paul. Hear how Pope Benedict reacted to the movie when it was shown to him at a special Vatican screening. The Oscar winner and father of famed actress Angelina Jolie sits down with John live!

Then, a woman who left the Amish community years ago is refused service by an Amish thrift store owner. Have her civil rights have been violated? That's the crux of a vexing discrimination case before Kentucky's Commission on Human Rights, testing how far the Amish can go in practicing their centuries-old faith under the modern-day mores of civil rights. Ruth Irene Garrett, author of "Born Amish" and "Crossing Over: One Woman's Escape From Amish Life," talks about her new fight with her former faith.

Those stories and more on this Saturday's "Heartland."

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