Topics and Guests for December 1

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Is Wall Street predicting a victory in the war in Iraq?

We'll get a read from the gang at "Cavuto on Business:"

• Merideth Whitney, executive director at CIBC World Markets
• Jim Rogers, author of "Hot Commodities"
• Charles Payne, CEO of Wall Street Strategies

Congress has already approved $62 billion for hurricane disaster relief. But one Louisiana official says his state alone needs closer to $200 billion. Who should foot the bill? We'll ask Michael Olivier, Louisiana's economic development secretary.

Remember when oil CEOs were hauled to Capitol Hill last month to defend against charges of price gouging? Now, the battle is shifting to Wisconsin. Governor Jim Doyle joins us to explain why consumers in his state should get a refund.

Plus, wait until you hear what singer Lee Greenwood is doing now to support our troops!

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