Tinkerbell Back in Paris Hilton's Favor

Look who's back in Paris Hilton's arms — it's Tinkerbell!

Just two weeks ago, it was feared the tiny Chihuahua was in the doghouse when the flaky hotel heiress was seen in Los Angeles illegally carrying around an exotic, monkey-like creature called a kinkajou.

But Paris — who changes pets like she changes boyfriends — is apparently keeping the pint-sized pooch around.

Yesterday (left), she sashayed into the Victoria's Secret store on East 57th Street with Tinkerbell in hand — kissing and cuddling the canine like one of her boy toys.

Is the kinkajou, named Baby Luv, out of her life?

As The Post has reported (above), the rain-forest animal has scratched her face. And California officials have told Paris it's illegal to own the pet. Bill Hoffmann