Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood

The Supreme Court on Wednesday will hear its first major abortion case in five years, but what justices will ultimately decide is far from clear.

Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England concerns a New Hampshire parental notification law that the First Circuit Court of Appeals found unconstitutional because it did not contain an exception for the mother's health and contained insufficient provisions to save the mother's life. Read more.

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"A medical emergency is a medical emergency. Whatever restrictions apply to a Vermont doctor for treating any other medical emergency on a minor should apply to abortion as well. Other than that, I'm in favor of the parental consent law." — Dave (Newport, NC)

"This is amazing. If a child believes she is old enough to have sex, she should be wise enough to know that sex is not just a cool thing to do; sex is our only natural way of recreation. These children need to learn to take responsibility for their decisions. If you play, you pay. That is what my dad always says." — Carrie (Fond du Lac, WI)

"Parental notification in typical situations should stay intact. However, if my child is in an auto accident, medical personnel can do whatever is necessary to save my child’s life without my consent. The wording of this law would prevent them from performing a procedure to save the life of the mother-to-be. That narrow aspect of this law should be repealed since it impedes a life saving option." — Chris (Groton, NY)

"We demand parental controls on our children throughout our society, from school to medicine to sports, yet there are some that want to disregard this fundamental and common sense supervision of our children." — Kyle

"I suspect the fight over the health exception has little to do with concern for our children. Planned Parenthood is a money-making business and the fight is on to keep it that way." — Monica (Bay City, TX)

"Let me tell you that if my girlfriend was to get pregnant the last thing I would want is to have my parents know. I would just want my girlfriend to get an abortion without anyone knowing but her and I. I just think about how it would affect my life if I had a child. My goals and my dreams would never be reached. Yes, I made a bad choice, but should I have to pay for it for the rest of my life? My girlfriend's life and my own would change dramatically if people knew she was pregnant. People would think of us completely differently. Everything would stay the same if no one knew what happen and the abortion took place. After that I'd would learn my lesson and move on with out the pregnancy affecting my life forever thanks to abortion." — Mike (Beaverton, OR)

"I think that parents should be notified when their minor child is going to have an abortion or any surgery. We are talking about a minor. A child who has trouble deciding on which shirt to wear to school, or can't make up her mind about who to take to prom, can't make a decision of this magnitude without input from her parents. We should allow parents to raise their children. Stop taking my ability to parent out of my hands. No matter what my child does, I will love her. Would her father and I be angry if she were to get pregnant? You bet!! There'd be yelling and tears and in the end we would decide what is best for her, as a family. As it should be. Would some parents throw their daughters out? Yes, but that's not a reason to legislate away parent rights." — Marianne (Seymour, CT)

"Anyone under the age of 18 is legally described as a minor for a reason. They do not have the same rights/privileges as an adult. They can't enter into a legally binding contract. They can't purchase alcohol or tobacco. They can't buy a gun. Why should they be allowed to murder a child? Every parent is responsible for their child's well being until they reach the age of 18. They deserve to know in all cases if their child is going to kill their grand child. By the way, I'm pro-choice. I choose life. For all you pro-murder advocates, if it was just another piece of body tissue then nine months later it would still be just a piece of body tissue. Does Planned Parenthood ever offer abstinence and adoption as viable answers? Everyone reading this should be happy that your mother chose life as well." — Brian (Elmore, OH)

"Abortion is the one issue where passion overtake logic and reason. From a legal point of view Roe v. Wade is not good law. To make abortion a privacy issue is a stretch. Prior to Roe v. Wade abortion was legal in a number of states. If Roe v. Wade was overturned abortion would still be legal in a number of states. Abortion is the one issue that inflames Democrats and Republicans, the left and the right. However, very little substantive discussion ever results. As for the New Hampshire case, I have always felt that abortion should be a state-by-state decision, not mandated by the federal government. No law can account for any and all possibilities, especially possibilities that are pure conjecture." — Eric

"When we who were afforded the right to birth and thus life, do not stand up for those who are being refused this right we are only cowards of the most self centered and non caring kind. Further more we encourage the murder of future generations by our lethargy." — Mike

"It is more unconstitutional to take away parental right and responsibility over their dependent children." — Bryan (Monte Vista, CA)

"Parents must notified if a child is given an aspirin by a school nurse. It is absurd to allow a minor female to have an abortion with no parental notification!" — Ken

"If the government is going to take away a parents rights and responsibility for raising their children then this country has gone communist. The parents must have the say regarding their child and abortion. A hospital needs parental say so for any other operation. Why is there an exception for an abortion?" — Judie

"Parents have a right to be notified of procedures done on their own children. The child has not made good decisions on its own if pregnancy has occurred. This child needs help and love, which is best given by parents and if that is not available, then other organizations with the child's interest at heart can help and advise. Doctors should have the ability to contact the parent for the child to intercede in their behalf. The child of the child has rights also and should be protected." — Sandy