Alito v. Roe v. Wade

Alito wrote in a memo, released by the National Archives on Wednesday, that "no one seriously believes that the court is about to overrule Roe v. Wade. But the court's decision to review these cases nevertheless may be a positive sign."

As a Reagan administration lawyer in 1985, Samuel Alito made clear his hope that the Supreme Court would one day overturn a landmark ruling that established abortion rights.

But Alito, now a Supreme Court nominee, argued against an all-out assault on the Roe v. Wade ruling, fearing such an assault would fail. Instead, he recommended a policy of "mitigating its effects" by trying to persuade justices to accept state regulations on abortions. Read more.

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"It’s just special interest groups running amuck. I am anti-abortion, pro-choice and believe government should stay out of this argument. I don't want either side telling me what to do. I will answer to The Almighty for the path I chose in this life time." — H.C. (Bella Vista, AR)

"Alito has a right to voice his personal beliefs against abortion." — Carol (Portland, OR)

"It should not matter as previous Supreme Court nominees have campaigned for the right of choice and that was not held against them. Why is this being held against a conservative nominee?" — Leslie

"The Supreme Court needs to have justices who do not bow to the politically correct viewpoint." — Ed (Nottingham, MD)

"Judge Alito will be confirmed easily. He has the votes to win now and when the American people see how smart and classy he is." — Dwayne (Philadelphia, PA)

"This is a good thing, Roe was not a good law to start with because of the manipulation and lack of precedent. Any Judge that is non-partisan would come to that conclusion, so Alito is right on." — Don

"If abortion stop, there will only go undercover and cause black market abortions." — Valerie

"Judge Alito has a right to his opinion as does every American. He was proud to fight for what he believed in when he was part of the Reagan team, and we can only hope that he will continue to review cases based on their constitutionality and not on the desires of special interest groups who would like to undermine a fine jurist. If the constitution indicates that every life has the right to protection, then Judge Alito is simply giving his opinion of the Constitution of the United States." — Kris (Ocoee, FL)

"This is memo sheds a great light on Judge Alito." — Thomas

"The memo sheds a light that makes Alito and his bias transparent. A filibuster is required! We must stop this right-wing nut at all costs." — Sam (Austin, TX)

"Judge Alito will be great and this should have no bearing on his confirmation." — Steve (Prescott, AZ)

"The memo shouldn't have an effect at all. Abortion views seem to be the litmus test for nominees." — Joe (Alaska)