Illegal Worker Debate Heats Up

Five years after he took office and amid much rumbling that he hasn't followed through on his promise to crack down on illegal immigrants, President Bush is now pushing Congress to pass a bill establishing a temporary guest worker program that will help curb the flow of illegal aliens crossing the southern border.

But one thing his program is not, the president stresses, is the dreaded amnesty, the word that stops debate about illegal immigration on Capitol Hill. Read more.

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"It is impossible for a thinking person to take the war on terror seriously, when our borders are wide open. Bush has zero credibility on this issue and his plan is simply amnesty, no matter what he calls it. As for jobs Americans don’t want, you had better pray to God that you never need to fall back on being a janitor, a dishwasher, or a construction laborer, because those jobs don’t exit for average Americans. If the Republicans pass Bushes’ bill, they will lose huge in 2006, in spite of the ineptness of the Democratic Party." — Mike (Littleton, CO)

"We should not stand for the program the president wants to put in place. We have sent many businesses south of the border and it hasn't helped them or us very much. The president has been putting the border issue off for too long, even when it cost him popularity points. Let the government of Mexico take care of their people and let our government take care of its citizens." — Joe (Wasilla, AK)

"I believe that workers from Mexico should be allowed via a work permit as long as they can prove they have jobs. These individuals work hard and do the labor refused by most Americans. However, illegal aliens, those crossing the border without legal permission, should be provided no benefits and immediately shipped back over the Border. Children born of illegal immigrants in the U.S. should also not be considered citizens of the U.S. and be given no benefits." — B.J. (Germantown, MD)

"Why not annex Mexico? That would solve one problem and then you would only have to worry about illegal from south of the southern borders of Mexico." — John (Gulf Coast, MS)

"I wish someone would get some backbone and get these illegals out of our country. I live in small town, and recently the Feds had raided a local factory and they rounded up more than 30 illegals working there. I have been out of work for more than a year, and this factory has received tax incentives so they would stay here. All in all, it is a blatant slap in the face to me as a homeowner, and I am sick and tired of it." — Gary (Kansas)

"I favor any measures that would stop this invasion. The problem becomes worse when they arrive here. There are already a strain on local services like fire, police, hospitals and schools. Local authorities should be given the right to fine people who are employing and warehousing. I'm still working at age 80 and feel I'm subsidizing their existence." — Howard (Brewster , NY)

"Illegal immigration is a plague! Bush needs to stop providing incentives to his campaign donors in big business. As an educator, I have seen first hand what a toll these illegals have had in our schools, classrooms, and social programs. They are living off what I have worked hard to pay for with my taxes. Crime has risen as well. I think we need to tighten our buckle, close the borders, make English the official language and get real!" — James (Gastonia, NC)

"Rather than reward illegal aliens for entering this country, we should deny them, their spouse and their children, medical, educational and welfare assistance. Those who employ or harbor illegals should be fined $10,000 per incident per day and after three convictions, give them a year in jail. Betcha that would put a halt to some of this." — William

"Just another Bush scheme to skirt the real issues that face this nation. Issues such as Iraq, unemployment, high fuel and heating oil prices, corruption in his administration, etc. Mr. Bush is feeling the heat over his failed policies. Now he’s trying to woo the citizens by turning to illegal aliens? Puleeze! Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! Fool me three times? Uh, Uh! Homey don’t play that!" — Ken (Wichita, KS)

"Let’s face it, the problem is not illegal immigration, it’s a matter of economics. Our southern neighbors want the opportunities and free medical services that are provided migrant workers in the United States. Pregnant migrant workers are coming to the United States to have their babies born on U.S. soil, therefore becoming U.S. citizens by birthright. This aids in the naturalization process for the mother to become a U.S. citizen." — John (Florida)

"George Bush's so-called guest worker program is not only amnesty for illegal aliens (in spite of what he claims) it encourages others to come to the United States illegally. It's rewarding foreigners who break our laws." — Harold (Seattle, WA)

"Stop the nonsense! Deport the 11 million illegals, build a fence, and enforce the laws on the books." — John (Rice Lake WI)