Topics and Guests for November 24

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We’re saying thanks to the men and women who are fighting to keep our nation free from terrorism. We’ll introduce you to the soldiers at the heart of the War on Terror.

Plus, who says Iraqis aren’t happy we’re there? Meet some who say they are alive because we are.

And, put down your fork! On a day when most Americans are chowing down on turkey and giblets, some alarming news on the bird flu you need to know!

Then, Thursday’s turkey is Friday’s lunch. But how long should you keep those leftovers? We’ll ask Dr. Holly Phillips.

And, find out how you can do something special for a soldier this holiday season. We'll tell you about Operation Gratitude.

Also, how can you save BIG this holiday season? We’ve got the tips to help you stay out of the red!

All that plus the ONE stock you can buy on Friday to pay for all your holiday shopping needs.

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