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Nov. 22, 2005

So now comes the news that Kara Borden went willingly with David Ludwig, moments after he shot and killed both of her parents.

She may not have witnessed the murders, but she most likely heard the gunshots, and may have run right past her parents’ bodies when she left the house to chase Ludwig's car down her street.

Court documents reveal both teens told investigators when Kara got in the car, she told Ludwig she wanted to get as far away as possible and get married and start a new life together. Some have questioned whether Kara should be charged as an accomplice in the killings, or with aiding and abetting a fugitive. Prosecutors aren't saying whether charges are being contemplated against the young girl, but attorneys I’ve spoken with say it's highly unlikely.

"If they were going to charge her, they would've already," one told me.

The thinking seems to be if there were direct evidence of her involvement in the murders, she'd definitely be behind bars. However, prosecutors are likely to decide that what they're dealing with is a scared 14-year-old girl, possibly in shock, running off with the boy she loves after experiencing a traumatic, life-wrenching event.

Her defense? She couldn't possibly have been thinking lucidly and acted on impulse — actions she now regrets as she mourns the loss of her parents and deals with the awful consequences of Ludwig's anger.

Ludwig, according to detectives, has been cooperative since his arrest, telling police the murder weapon, a .40 caliber Glock, could be found under the driver's seat of his Jetta. He later was confessing to his crimes, describing his actions in detail during the argument, the shootings, and the 600-mile trek as a fugitive.

There were other weapons and evidence found in the vehicle, including a Colt .45 pistol, a holster, a rifle, black clothes presumably worn during the murders, some maps, a screwdriver, and a couple of different Indiana license plates (Ludwig's car had Pennsylvania tags) that he apparently stole to try and avoid getting caught.

Ludwig's cooperation could help him avoid the death penalty (that decision still rests with prosecutors) but it's unlikely he'll avoid a life behind bars, which is where he is right now in Lancaster County, waiting for his arraignment on December 16th.

As for Kara, she's said to be staying with friends and relatives. Last Saturday, she went to her parent's funeral.

Nov. 14, 2005

Another Sunday afternoon, another call from Refet, NY Bureau Chief.

"What are you doing tonight and tomorrow?"

"I've got dinner plans tonight ... I'm baking pumpkin pies."

"You're baking pies?"

Actually, my bride-to-be was doing the baking. I was watching football.

"What's up?"

"There's a story in Lancaster. You can go tonight or early tomorrow morning. Need you there for 9 o'clock lives. Can you go?"

I told him I could leave after dinner. "What's the story?"

The story is 14-year-old Kara Beth Borden, apparently abducted at gunpoint by 18-year-old David Ludwig, who police now believe shot and killed Kara's parents after an argument early Sunday morning.

Apparently Kara was out with David late Saturday night, and her parents weren't happy about it, and wanted to talk to him. That's when cops say he allegedly went home, grabbed a weapon, came back, and killed Michael and Cathryn Borden and took off in his parent's red Volkswagen Jetta.

We decided to leave early Monday instead of overnight-ing in Pennsylvania, leaving just after 5 a.m. We got slightly lost on a two-lane road in this rural patch of Pennsylvania — mostly farmland sprinkled with subdivisions — but finally arrived at the quiet Warwick Township Municipal Building at about 8:25.

I asked Lititz Borough Police Chief William Seace if he was sure Kara was abducted, and he said they didn't actually know if she was kidnapped or left willingly, but he reiterated David Ludwig should be considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

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I was surprised at the headlines today that told of kara's willingness to leave with Ludwig. I hope they are not considering charges against her. I'm sure this CHILD was in shock after her parents were murdered not to mention she was probably the victim of statutory rape. That leaves girls very impressionable. Ludwig is a predator and this poor girl is his victim.


Ludwig pulled a stunt similiar to this over the summer with another girl. No charges supposedly pressed because the matter was handled in the church. I would love to see how this unfolds and hope to hear your views.


Dear Rick,

How come I have this gut feeling that Kara isn't quite as innocent as the police and some of the media are making her out to be? Men are not by nature very bright, but get a sexually active female with a dumb idea into the mix and this is what usually happens.

G. Smith

Nothing has been said about the boys’ parents……..has anyone checked on them?


Hi Rick,

You did a great job on those kids from Pennsylvania.


Rick –

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how inspiring it is to watch you ALL do what you do everyday…..I worry about all of you and miss you when you not on for a few days.

Naples, FL


As a military mom I'd just like to thank you for your blog. So very few are willing to stand up and say "thanks" in writing or in public.

SW Florida

We recently moved 3 hours north from Newburgh after living there most of our lives. We deeply appreciate the coverage that FOX did on this disaster. My wife and I watched all day Sunday while we were making phone calls to our loved ones and friends. Prayerfully they were all right but our town of Newburgh was not. Please do not leave this story just yet there are a lot of stories about the people who have helped with this tragedy and those affected.

Brian and Robin


Thank you for your excellent reporting over the years. You show much dedication to your job by your willingness to go on assignment at a moments notice.