Topics and Guests: November 18

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Police are scouring the Colorado home of a missing 6-year-old girl searching for clues. Aarone Thompson was reported missing on Monday, but police now believe she was murdered in her home.

Aarone's father, Aaron Thompson, reported his daughter missing on Monday. Police say he is now a person of interest in this case. But he denies any involvement. We'll be joined by Sam Riddle, family friend and spokesman.

Natalee Holloway's mother has been working tirelessly to figure out what happened to her daughter. But, Aruban police say she is hurting the investigation. We'll get reaction from Natalee's father, Dave Holloway.

Scott Peterson is on death row, but a judge just gave some new life to his case. Find out why his lawyers will be back in court next month.

A coroner's report shows that Pamela Vitale fought for her life before she was brutally murdered. Vitale, the wife of California lawyer Daniel Horowitz, was killed in her home on October 15. She had scratches, bruises and broken bones in her hands and arms — indicating a fierce fight. We'll examine the evidence with forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden.

Eight months after Robert Blake was acquitted at a criminal trial of murdering his wife, a civil jury decided Friday the tough-guy actor was behind the slaying, and ordered him to pay her children $30 million in damages. We'll get the legal lowdown from Greta's panel of legal eagles:

• Jim Hammer, former San Francisco assistant district attorney
• Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney
• Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney
• Jeff Brown, criminal defense attorney

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