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Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa. — a one-time staunch supporter of the war in Iraq and one of the Democratic Party's most trusted military experts — calls for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops. But the "cut and run" strategy is not sitting well with Republicans. Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., weighs in.

Then, a U.S. colonel in Iraq says the "job is not done" and U.S. troops shouldn't leave. We'll get reaction from former Coalition spokesperson Dan Senor.

Plus, in 2002, 81 House Democrats and 29 Senate Democrats voted in favor of going to war in Iraq. Have some lawmakers forgotten about their voting record? Gerard Baker, U.S. editor of The Times of London, weighs in.

And, a new show on HGTV showcases the trials and tribulations of moving into your first home. Jill Cordes, host of "My First Place," joins us.

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