Flashpoint Iraq

From troop withdrawal timing to pre-war intelligence, the heated debate over Iraq continues.

On Monday, Vice President Dick Cheney charged that some Senate Democrats were "dishonest and reprehensible" for suggesting that President Bush lied to the nation about going to war in Iraq and said he strongly disagrees with a battle-tested congressman who advocates a pullout.

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"We have to finish the job we started. Leaving the Iraqi people on their own before they are ready is unthinkable! Hopefully the administration will listen to Sen. McCain and others for better ideas on how to do the job, but we must do it." — Tempe (Gold Beach, OR)

"Let's get out before so many more of our Americans die there. I know it will take planning but let's begin to prepare to leave." — Jennifer (Toledo, OH)

"I support the president 200%!" — Brad (Sgt., U.S. Army, Iraq)

"It is a lie that lawmakers had the same intelligence as the Bush administration had to make their decisions. That's why there was a closed session, that's why there is a CIA leak investigation. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the gang picked and chose what information to give lawmakers. We already know that much of what Cheney and the boys chose to show was faulty and from bad sources. They were clearly compiling a composite to justify their own goals for war. It is disgusting and against the law to deceive America so. These are truly sad times. What's worse is that these men call themselves Christians. This will go down as one of the worst times in the history of our country and in the history of democracy." — John (Charlotte, NC)

"Personally I think none of the general public have all the answers and are judging the administration on what is happening in a small portion of the country of Iraq. I would be willing to bet there are far more acts of kindness and gratefulness going on in Iraq than there is terror bombings, but we rarely ever hear about them." — Adam (Ft. Wayne, IN)

"Get out of Iraq and get out as fast as we can. We are inflaming efforts for civil government by our presence. One more day, one more death is too much." — Mrs. Johnson (Lawrenceville, GA)

"The war against terrorism, and the need to defeat the enemies of freedom and democratic governments, is too important to become grist for the political mill in Washington, D.C. The commitment to defeat terrorists needs to transcend the self-serving political goals of either political party. Can you imagine what the outcome of WWII might have been given the current Congress? It's been too long since our representatives have had to deal with the real world, fight overseas, and make a commitment that didn't personally benefit them. Some of them have never had the experience of defending our nation against any kind of threat. How can we trust the judgment of out of date, out of touch, never served the country except when it benefited them representatives? Time to get some real people, i.e. troops in Iraq (all levels), working class people who are paying the bills, and anyone who doesn't hide behind a desk, or substitute words and endless debate for action." — Mike, a Vietnam veteran

"Good bad or otherwise, we are committed to doing what we said we were going to do. I realize any conflict is expensive, more than it ever seems its worth. Even WWII, it was very costly, but we didn’t hesitate. We did a job that no one else wanted to do. That’s the American way, I vote we stay the course, let the nay Sayers sit in the corner and eat their pie. Leave the country to the ones with fortitude. Our troops are doing a magnificent job, they will continue. I can say this, once the bad mouthing and whining starts, the troops feel a lot different about the job they are doing and have done. If you don’t believe me, ASK ANOTHER VIET NAM VET!" — Steve (Mansfield, OH)

"I respect Rep. John Martha's opinion, As a Vietnam Vet myself I understand his frustration when things do not go as planned, But lets remember what happened in 1975 when we left Viet Nam and many thousands of innocent civilians where killed by the North Vietnamese army because they supported the efforts for a free Vietnam, Teachers and politicians were murdered in cold blood for their fight for free and fair government. We must stay as long as it takes. Loosing over 2,000 young American soldiers is a terrible price to pay but we lost over 5,000 on the first day we landed in Europe on June 6, 1945 in our effort to free Europe from a terrible dictator." — David, a Vietnam veteran

"We should stay in Iraq and not cut and run." — Theresa (Round Rock, TX)

"Bush set us up. How on earth could Iraq have been a threat to his neighbors or us? We had destroyed his army and he couldn't fly over much of his own country. His every move was closely examined. Even if he had had weapons of mass destruction, he never would have used them under such close scrutiny. Had Saddam Hussein launched an attack of any sort he would have been totally destroyed, and he knew it. That's why he himself couldn't believe it when Bush actually attacked. Bush wanted to attack Iraq so he twisted the truth and molded it into an indictment where no crime had been committed. It was complete corruption of the intelligence system. Both parties, Republicans and Democrats, were involved in the deceit. I won't go into the real reasons because it involves a group of people who are untouchable." — Glenn