Topics and Guests for November 17

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After record-high gas prices led to record-high profits, the shocking truth about who really made the most money. And it wasn't the oil companies! Steve Forbes exposes the facts no one else knows on "Your World."

Why are country music stars and their fans so supportive of the military? We'll get a read from country music star, Collin Raye.

If the U.S. is hated overseas, why are foreign investments flooding Wall Street? We'll get the lowdown from the "Cavuto on Business" gang:

• Gregg Hymowitz, founder of Entrust Capital founder
• Leigh Gallagher, senior editor at SmartMoney magazine
• Mike Norman, founder of the Economic Contrarian Update

And, there have been two-dozen prison escapes this month alone. What's going on? And is it time to save taxpayer money and privatize the correction system? We'll ask Geoffrey Segal, director of privatization and government reform at the Reason Foundation.

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