FOX Fan Firsthand: October 11, 2005

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A Volunteer’s Story

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I'm back up North and still in contact with the people of Pearlington and Kiln, Mississippi on a daily basis. FEMA has bounced checks for the last three weeks. Vendors have sent workers home because they could not afford to pay out of their own pockets. FEMA promised that the checks would clear within the next five days. When the government bounces checks, we are in trouble! Wasn't $570 million set aside for Hurricane Katrina response?

Pearlington still needs Porta-Potties. This is the United States of America! When George Bush Sr. visited Waveland this past weekend, where did he go to the bathroom?

Camp Katrina, based in the parking lot of the K-Mart where Oprah Winfrey filmed one of her shows, is an absolute farce. While the agencies there are pounding their chests over the glory, people are still suffering. They stay in their comfortable little camp instead of getting out into the communities and going door-to-door, as the people need. FEMA asked me for information on the American Red Cross because they didn't know where they were located and didn't know how to get the information they needed to pass on to the people. How very sad!

The federal government pledged 50 million dollars to the earthquake in Pakistan, yet our people in Mississippi and Louisiana are still suffering because those the federal government put in charge are inept and playing the political ego game at the expense of the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

As of Saturday the 8th of October, Pearlington has not received any trailers yet. What is taking FEMA or the governor of Mississippi so long to assist these people?

Please continue to support these people. Keep them in your prayers and if you are able, please get down there and help. Do not forget that these communities will need help for some time to come. I cannot wait until my next journey down to the coast. Anybody willing to join me just shout!

God bless,


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