FOX Fan Firsthand: November 10, 2005

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A Volunteer’s Story

Feeding a Thousand for Thanksgiving

The plans to organize a Thanksgiving dinner down South is underway. We will be feeding 1,000 people. Please take this as your official invitation. Anyone interested in joining us for Thanksgiving dinner are more than welcome.

I am also organizing a Christmas extravaganza for these beautiful people. If you would like to help us provide Thanksgiving dinner and/or partake in the granting of wishes for Christmas by adopting a family or sharing the adoption of a family, your generosity would make a difference. They would not otherwise be able to enjoy the holidays in the traditional way because there is nothing left. It is taking the efforts of the people to watch over this community because the government's efforts are minimal at best and they most certainly would not do what we are doing.

If you would like to donate, all checks should be made payable to the Key Chapter of the American Red Cross and in the memo section of the check, it MUST say: Pearlington, MS Thanksgiving, Christmas and Community Rebuilding. For more information on how and where to donate, please go to

I know that next year, we are all invited to have Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas with them, only they want to be the ones to host. I can tell you that the people down in the areas we are serving want to give back as soon as they can. If you know of anyone willing to give or adopt a family for Christmas, please e-mail this page to them.

I do not ask lightly because I know how you have given already. If we all just do a little bit each time. We will touch many lives and bring tears of joy and happiness as well as strengthen some hearts. The people from Oprah's show have also told me that they will be staying in touch well after the show is taped because they have learned that I am organizing these holidays. They want to help with anything that we fall short of in our efforts. I would like them to see that we did it and they can put the icing on the cake. My hope is to ask their help for Christmas. Nothing would be more exciting than to show Oprah what we have done and then let her cap it off.

I am excited to share that Hunterdon Central Regions High School, through Vice Principal Jennifer Spieker, is partnering up with us for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. After-school clubs are donating non-perishable goods for Thanksgiving and each grade level is going to adopt either one or two families for Christmas. I am also pleased to say that the Hunterdon Health and Wellness Center in White House has asked to join in the festivities after reading the article that was printed in the Hunterdon Democrat about my trips down south. They are going to be asking their members to adopt families for Christmas. Erica Edwards, owner of Cocco's Cafe is helping me with the organization of Thanksgiving and getting the involvement of the business community. Thanks to Janet Harte for providing me with the leads that helped broaden the scope of this relief effort. There are so many people involved in the success that I will be making sure that everyone gets acknowledged in future emails and in other ways.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. I am excited to be putting on a power point presentation to the Jr. Youth Group at St. Magdalen's tonight to show these fine stewards how their efforts made a difference in the lives of many people. They are continuing their efforts and I thank them.

I hope all is well with you and your families and I truly thank you for being a part of this. I'll keep you abreast of the status of our efforts. We have other things in the works and as they come to fruition, I'll share them with you. Wish us luck with Oprah this weekend. I'll definitely let you know how it went and when to watch.

God bless,


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