Paris Has a New 'Kink' in Her Life

Here's Paris Hilton's latest pet du jour — a cuddly but carnivorous mammal called a kinkajou, which has razor-sharp teeth and a mean bite.

The hotel heiress and little Baby Luv have become inseparable, with the raccoon-like creature seen clinging to her shoulder wherever she goes.

And pals better beware when approaching the young millionairess — her furry, 5-pound friend can be as gentle as a puppy one moment and ferocious as an attack dog the next.

Baby Luv has already turned on Paris, biting and scratching her face as she shopped for bras, panties and a kinky bullwhip.

Hard to say how long Baby Luv will be the apple of his owner's eye, since Paris changes pets almost as quickly as she does boyfriends.

A few years ago, her Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, was top dog, but when the tiny canine got old, Paris bought another Chihuahua she called Cinderella. Then she bought home a ferret.

Kinkajous, which hail from the rain forests of Central and South America, are the red-hot pet of the moment — but they're not welcome in New York City, where its illegal to own one.

They cost up to $3,000, grow to 25 inches, live about 20 years, and primarily eat fruit, honey, eggs and insects. As babies, they must be bottle fed four times a day and kept in cages.

Like dogs, they like to lick things — and do that very well, with thin, 5- to 6-inch tongues.

But unlike dogs, they're nearly impossible to train, which means housebreaking isn't an option.

Kinkajous have 15-inch tails, are adept at climbing, and are known to playfully leap into the air and land on their owners.

They make weird barking and screaming noises.

Kinkajous like to procreate, and begin their mating ritual with the male sniffing and gently biting his mate's throat.

If Paris has any doubts about Baby Luv, she should talk to 82-year-old Sadie Hester of Mississippi, who was attacked by an escaped kinkajou last weekend.

"He kept biting my hands [and] I was trying to pry his teeth out of my hands," she said. "He tore up my left arm pretty bad."

What does a kinkajou look like?