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A day after the attacks in Jordan, come the protests. Arabs now saying, enough is enough. Could their stunning rebuke to terrorists change everything? We'll ask Col. Oliver North, host of "War Stories"; General Wesley Clark, FOX News contributor and former Supreme Commander of NATO, and Admiral Stansfield Turner, former director of Central Intelligence.

Then, how do our veterans feel about what's going on in Iraq? We'll ask Veterans' Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson.

Are environmentalists to blame for high prices at the pump? Melinda Pierce, Sierra Club lobbyist, responds

Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito will have to wait for his Senate hearings. Court TV's Catherine Crier explains why he should be ticked.

Plus, do you want your kids downloading porn to their iPods? We've got the skinny!

And, how worried is Wall Street about a new wave of terror attacks? Will investors be able to shake off their concerns? We'll take the market's temperature with Tobin Smith, ChangeWave Investing editor, and Charles Payne, CEO of Wall Street Strategies.

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