Topics and Guests for November 9

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Fires are still being set across France despite a declared state of emergency and enforced curfews. We'll hav a live report from the troubled region and talk to former campaign advisor to French President Jacques Chirac, Jean Jacques De Mesterton.

And, are the big five oil companies ripping us off? They’re sitting in the hot seat on Capitol Hill today and we’ll get a lowdown on the grilling from Senate Commerce Committee member Sen. Bill Nelson.

Also, Alabama Governor Bob Riley explains why he’s urging Americans to stay out of Aruba. Will Aruban officials now cooperate with Natalee Holloway’s family?

Then, Democrats are smiling all across the nation about yesterday’s election results. Former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe and RNC Chair Ken Mehlman have your Election Day wrap-up.

And, should Andrea Yates, the woman found guilty in 2002 of drowning her five children, get a retrial? Judge Andrew Napolitano explains why she may have another chance at freedom.

Plus, Lou Pinella on baseball and steroids!

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