Muslim Riots — French Karma?

President Jacques Chirac declared a state of emergency Tuesday, paving the way for curfews to be imposed on riot-hit cities and towns in an extraordinary measure to halt France's worst civil unrest in decades after 12 nights of violence.

On "The O'Reilly Factor," FNC's Bill O'Reilly said that "If you don't believe in karma after this story, what can I say? France has buried its head in the sand and now has a disaster on its hands."

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Yes. France did the same thing before WWII, appease, they did the same with Islam and this is what they get." — Charles (Titusville, FL)

"I'm confused about what Bill is saying France 'buried its head in the sand' about? Was it WMD's? Oh wait, couldn't be that. It appears that on that subject the Bush Administration had its head buried somewhere else." — Tom (Pasadena, CA)

"Hopefully France has learned its lesson with its immigration policies. I think every Muslim or any one else who rioted and destroyed property or infringed upon the rights of others should be deported to their country of origin." — Jake (New York, NY)

"What hypocrisy! Trying to blame the riots in France on their long history with the Middle East is way off. I am not a fan of France, not by a long shot. I detest them for their being in bed with these monstrous regimes for so long. But, America too has been in bed with them, especially Iraq! Remember Rumsfeld in the 1980s? he was shaking Saddam's hand like they were best pals. We knew they had WMD because we gave it to them and trained them against the Iranians. Come on don't be stupid. The reasons for the riots go beyond that. And you wonder why the West can't make any headway there." — Carl (Cleveland, OH)

"The tragedy in France is a classic example of what happens when a government chooses to take advantage of immigrants, encouraged to come to France as cheap labor, with the promise of a better life and fails to provide them with the tools to better themselves. France, you get what you sow!" — Fred

"Wow! You bet its karma! I thought France would be a Utopia for all. Should we act more like the French? I think NOT. Liberalism does not make the Utopias we have been told they would. Even in the US, such as in New Orleans, socialism is a bad situation." — Julie (Houston, TX)

"What I’m curious to know is how soon President Chirac will have to ask the U.S. for help or if he’ll let France burn before he asks for help." — Dianne (Midlothian, IL)

"As we watch the chaos in France, karma should become a word at the forefront of every American's mind. We should say it over and over every morning when we wake up. Our country has been blessed beyond measure and we have a great deal to be thankful for. Our poorest people are richer than the majority of the rest of the world. But instead of diligence and gratitude, this country has become lazy and selfish and ungrateful. We scorn God. We mock our brave military personnel. Some of us scoff at all that is good about life in this country. We have become soft and lackadaisical when it comes to protecting what so many of our forefathers fought and died for. It is truly a shame. We are still one of the best countries in the world, but it's one thing to be the best. It's another thing to use that status as a crutch for idleness." — Marilyn (Tucson, AZ)

"Bill O'Reilly is absolutely right! As Americans, we should take notice because the same thing could happen to us." — Reva

"Do we call it karma when we have riots in America? Did we give any more attention to our poverty problems after Hurricane Katrina revealed how many disenfranchised people our system fails to recognize? No. The French riots are due to a similar neglect of their social system. Before calling the unrest and misfortune in other countries 'bad karma'. We Americans might want to look up the definition of hubris." — Kelly

"I find it ironic that we all are trying so hard to be politically correct, being very careful of what not to say so that we will not offend anyone. Well, that is garbage. Let's just say it like it is. The only large-scale terrorists out there are fundamental Muslims. We've got to stop pussyfooting around the issue and call it like it is." — Sally

"We need to take a real hard look at this. The French need to quit making excuses for this riot-gang behavior! Just because a group of people feel mistreated does not give them the right to do what these young people have done!" — Bill

"What goes around comes around. Other countries will be next. Muslims like some people in our country riot to gain unearned position in society." — John (Oconto, WI)

"People who do these things to others should be permanently removed from civilized society by whatever means necessary." — W.E.A. (Bismarck, ND)

"Perhaps one can look at the way the French government has responded with complete apathy to a very dire situation within their own country and get a better understanding for their apathy toward Iraq and terrorism. Let’s not forget they were getting paid off handsomely in the Oil for Food fiasco." — Peter (Portales, NM)

"Karma-schmarma. ANY society that accepts too many immigrants too quickly will have to deal with the resulting culture clash. The US will have our own problems with immigration if we don’t learn from the French situation." — Chris (Groton, NY)

"It’s hard to feel sorry for the French. After all, they certainly don’t waste any compassion on Americans." — P. (Venice, FL)