The Second-Term Curse

With the failures of the response to Katrina, the war in Iraq, and the CIA leak scandal, the curse of the second term seems to have taken hold of the White House.

On "FOX News Sunday" (Sundays, 6pm ET), Chris Wallace got two different perspectives from Senator John McCain and Sen. Charles Schumer.

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the Democrats had the same intelligence. If they thought the intelligence was false, why did they vote to go to war? Like I said the Democrats have gone off the deep end and they are just grasping at straws because they have not come up with one single idea about what to do about Iraq, instead of criticizing the president why don’t they use some of there hot air and do some good. President Bush is going to finish out this term with a bang, the economy is up, we are winning the war on terror and gas prices are going down and to be honest he does not care what the polls say and I think that is another thing that bothers the Democrats. He is a good man and a great leader and we as Americans should be proud to have someone like G. W. Bush." — Laura

"Bush is a joke. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The economy is a tragedy. Katrina was and still is a tragedy. Iraq is a tragedy. His policies are even worse here at home. He's only interested in making him and his cronies more powerful and richer. That's no conspiracy theory. Look at who he has appointed into positions that they were qualified for — i.e. Mike Brown and almost Harriet Miers. Second-term curse? Well, sure I guess. It's all cursed with Bush's priorities so skewed." — Mavis (Nashville, TN)

"If Bush could do it all I would hold him responsible for the Katrina response. He is one person and, unfortunately, had to rely on an appointee who did not do his homework. Bush told us from the outset that Iraq was not a quick win. That it would take time and effort to achieve freedom for the people of Iraq. Tell me what has changed in his initial perspective of the war? As far as I can tell, Bush is not the culprit in the CIA leak. Guess someone has to be blamed for it all. Why not the terrorist organizations that started it all and Mother Nature?" — Jerry (Alabama)

"I have yet to here one lie come from the White House. On the contrary all the lies I've heard has cone from the Left." — John (Isleton, CA)

"Yes, the second term curse has plagued the white house. I really don't feel we should’ve ever gone to Iraq in the first place. I am strongly of the opinion that the white house has lost its credibility. We cannot trust the present administration, they have brought it on themselves!" — Jim

"Now, President Bush says we aren't torturing suspected terrorists. I guess that is why the CIA established secret prisons so we would not know how well we are treating the captives. Sounds like a weapon of mass destruction to me." — H.L. (North Carolina)

"I tell you who's cursed — every American! Bush has been lying to us since day one. He was the one shouting about restoring responsibility to the White House. Yeah, right. He's done nothing but avoid it. The ONLY time I EVER heard Bush say it was his fault was when it was way too late after Katrina. A little too late is an understatement of gross proportions. If you call this cursed, he hasn't seen the worse that Karma can dish out." — Joanna (Durham, NC)