Pat Tillman — Dishonored in Death?

Recent commentary reignites debate over whether the Pentagon and U.S. Army exploited the life of former NFL player and Army Ranger Pat Tillman — and then covered up his friendly-fire death.

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"The poster boy for patriotism is killed by friendly fire. Of course the Army is going to try and cover it up! The Army has historically tried to cover up friendly fire incidents. What he gave up to go to war pales in his ultimate sacrifice to defend something he believes in. His life and all the other brave fighting servicepeople's sacrifices are what matter. The Army is just trying to put the best face on the war they can. It’s their job to be despicable." — Chris (Groton, NY)

"I am tired of all these liberals seeing a conspiracy wherever they go. Tillman died unfortunately by freindly fire, but he died participating in a noble cause. Let him rest in peace." — Travis (Wayne, MI)

"The cover-up of the details surrounding Mr. Tillman's death is merely one more example of the way the Defense Department has been corrupted by Rumsfeld. All Americans should be outraged at the petty politics that have been allowed to interfere with the greatest military that ever existed." — E.L.

"How can you be dishonored in death? If you are honorable in life, others do not have much to do with it. Pat Tillman paid for freedom with the greatest sacrifice possible and we should all be deeply grateful. It is sad that America lost Pat Tillman to friendly fire, though I'm sure he understood that possibility also when he volunteered for duty." — Roger (CA)

"There is no doubt that poor command decisions were made which contributed to his death. There is also no doubt that the Pentagon was not fully forthcoming with all the facts. I have a feeling this was a failure in the chain of command more than a cover-up or conspiracy. What dishonors him the most is the fact the press continues to reopen the wound, exhausting the story to try to tug on the heartstrings of liberals to boost the anti-war agenda." — Chip

"Our government covered this up. I believe that his death was friendly fire. More blood on President Bush's head. I'm one of those who love my country, but hate my government." — Ronald

"Disgraceful conduct on the part of the U.S. Army. The top brass owe a personal visit and formal apology to Pat Tillman's family." — Nancy (Williamsburg, VA)

"What's the big deal? The man died a hero's death, as all who die in the theatre of war. Friendly fire accidents do happen. Why try to make this a scandal? " — Stan (Atlanta, GA)

"Pat Tillman’s hero status had nothing to do with where the fire came from. He was declared a hero because he gave up a football career and huge salary and benefits to serve his country in a time of war. The inherent risks of the field he chose to serve in were more than clear to him yet he chose to do so. Therein lies his heroism. Was there a cover-up? Who cares? He died for his beliefs. We should honor that sacrifice." — Tom (Harker Heights, TX)

"The guy is a hero no matter what. He went when others would have not." — Gene

"Fratricide is unfortunately a part of warfare. As an Army Ranger, Tillman knew that. We should accept that it has always been a reality of war, work towards eliminating it in the future and never forget what those men and women in uniform do for us daily so we can have our own opinions. " — Joe