Is Miers's Withdrawal a Black Eye for Bush?

Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to be a U.S. Supreme Court justice Thursday in the face of strong criticism from President Bush's most conservative supporters who say she doesn't have the qualifications or experience necessary to serve on the nation's highest court. The president "reluctantly" accepted Miers's resignation amid questions from both the Right and Left.

FOX Fans are debating if this helps or hurts the Bush administration and what his next move should be.

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Is Miers's withdrawal a black eye for the Bush administration?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Everything is a black eye for the president according to the liberals. If they knew how long it took him to take a shower everyday they find it an excuse to pick on him. The president has had a lot on his plate these past years. People should give him a break. I guess I'm expecting too much though. I really don't think a Democratic president would not have done any better." — P. (Southwest City, MO)

"I do not think that Ms Miers's withdrawal in any way shows anything other than the 'good ole boys' club is at it again. It is too bad they feel so intimidated by someone with a back bone, no political agenda and 'god' forbid a women!" — R.J.

"Her withdrawal is not so much a black eye as a wake up call to improve strategy. The president made a tactical error in nominating someone from his inner circle." — Kelly

"No black eye. But next time choose a known Conservative. Let the fight begin. See if the Republicans have the jewels to stand up and tell the Dems to shut up and move on. The GOP hasn't done so in a very long time." — Bud

"It would have been a black eye if she were confirmed. Her withdrawal makes me wonder what was in those 'internal documents' they don’t want anyone to see." — Diana

"Miers's withdrawal is certainly not a black eye for President Bush. Critics of Miers can remain her critics anyone asked by the president to serve has the right to back out. Those that point fingers at the President are nothing but Monday morning quarterbacks and should shut their mouths." — Bert (Germantown, MD)

“A black eye? Hardly. This is a man who was a failed owner of a baseball team, he thought giving away Sammy Sosa was the smart thing to do. He failed in his military service, he never showed up (and lied about it). He failed running an oil company, even with all of his ties to the Saudis and bin Laden. He fails with Katrina, but makes his buddies at Halliburton rich with no-bid contracts while thousands die and thousands more are in need. He hires his buddies into positions of power that they are unqualified for and with tragic results, i.e. Michael Brown at FEMA. This is sadly just another bump in the road of countless failures. But he is still president, and that is the biggest black eye to democracy.” — Kate (Seattle, WA)

"Yes, but not one of his biggest. It is a mere scratch compared to Iraq, Katrina, our economy, and the list goes on and on..." — Frank (Chicago, IL)

"The Miers's withdrawal was an admission by the president that he made a mistake. He is a stand-up president who owns up to his errors but will not let this affect his agenda. This will help him with the conservative base especially if he nominates a more qualified individual along the lines of Scalia and Thomas as he promised. This is his chance to bring back the base that right now is not satisfied." — Gene

"One of countless black eyes!" — Paul (Bridgeport, CT)

"No black eye but a great opportunity. Now the real fun begins. The Democrats are probably eating massive doses of antacids right now." — Dave (Pensacola, FL)