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Mile "High" Mistake?
Denver residents over 21 years old are now legally permitted to carry up to an ounce of marijuana. Seattle and Oakland, CA already have laws making possession the lowest law enforcement priority. Read more.

Do you think marijuana drug laws are becoming too lax? Tell us if you give this an Up or Down vote.
NASA Misspending YOUR Money?
Several government auditors have testified that NASA has made little progress in accounting for how it spends taxpayer money. With a $100 billion plan to put humans back on the Moon by 2018, many lawmakers fear the agency's finances are so jumbled that there is great risk for fraud and abuse.

Should NASA scrap the program until they fix their accounting woes? Tell us if you give this an Up or Down vote.
Should Bush Bring 20K Troops Home For Christmas?
Sen. John Kerry says yes if the December parliamentary elections in Iraq are successful.

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Halloween Curfew for Sex Offenders
New Jersey sex offenders who face supervision under Megan's Law will be confined to their homes after 7p.m. on Halloween, under orders NOT to answer the door when trick-or-treaters come calling.

Should other states follow suit? Let us know if you give the sex offender curfew an Up or Down vote.
Three Rings of Terror?
A long battle continues between animal rights activists and circuses over the treatment of performance animals, specifically elephants. Over a dozen U.S. communities have already banned the circus from visiting.

How would you vote on a law banning animal performances — Up or Down?
Protect Gun Industry From Lawsuits?
Congress has passed a bill that protects the firearm manufacturers and retailers from massive crime-victim lawsuits. If signed by President Bush as expected, six pending lawsuits by local governments will be dismissed.

Do you agree with Congress’s decision? Tell us if you give bill an Up or Down vote.
Extend Paid Maternity Leave?
A government proposal in England would increase paternity leave to six months for new dads, allowing parents to share the 12 months of leave currently offered to mothers. In the U.S., paid maternity/paternity leave is NOT federal law.

Tell us if you give this proposal an Up or Down vote in the U.S. and why.
Illegal Immigration Solution?
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX-R) has introduced a new bill that would give state and local law enforcement the power to detain, arrest and prosecute illegal immigrants in Texas. Currently, local police can only report the matter to federal authorities.

Do you think giving local authorities more power will help cure this national security problem? Tell us if you give this an Up or Down vote and why.
Apple introduced a new iPod on Wednesday that is capable of playing everything from TV shows to music videos. Now that the dust has settled from the big announcement, we want to know if you really want video on your iPod.

Read more here and tell us if you give the new electronic device an Up or Down vote and why.
Behind the Counter
With flu season around the corner many stores are pulling common cold medications such as Tylenol and Sudafed from shelves. They are being placed behind counters to prevent drug users from making homemade methamphetamine.

Should the purchase of “everyday” medications be supervised? Tell us if you give this an Up or Down vote.
Going Broke Becomes More Expensive
The biggest bankruptcy overhaul in 25 years will impact the process by charging higher fees, extending the filing process, and disqualifying some people from filing altogether.

Creditors say the new law will reduce fraud, while some believe it will limit options for those struck by illness, job loss or divorce.

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