Senate Battle Royale

Democrats enacted a rare parliamentary rule forcing a private session of the chamber so senators could speak in secret about the lead-up to the war in Iraq. As a result of the session, in which Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts and the panel's Ranking Democrat Jay Rockefeller sparred for 40 minutes about whether Republicans had failed in their oversight of the Bush administration, lawmakers set Nov. 14 as a deadline for six members of the Senate (three from each party) to assess the progress of the committee's investigation into pre-Iraq war intelligence.

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"This was just another ploy by the Democrats to get media attention back on the war and WMDs again. As a Vietnam veteran, I was expecting better from them." — John (MD)

"Good for the Democrats. Republicans failed and are continuing to do so." — Donna

"Just when I think the Democrats can sink no lower, they show me just how wrong I can be. Wouldn't it be nice if these Democrats would put as much effort into trying to develop new solutions and a platform as they do in trying to derail Bush and his administration? Hate is not a viable platform nor an incentive to vote Democratic in elections." — Kathy (Springfield, MO)

"If we are going to investigate pre-war intel, let’s go all the way back to the ‘90s. Democrats seem to only want to concentrate on post-9/11 timeframes." — Steve (Ephrata, PA)

"The entire Senate needs to stop this fighting and get down to work for the American people. If they want an investigation into anything or anyone, they should be looking at Wilson and Plame. Sure looks like a conflict of interest or an agenda to discredit the White House." — Tired

"I guess the Democrats didn't think anyone would notice that hearings on part two of the commission report were already scheduled for next week. This is nothing but a political stunt, but stunts are all the Democrats have going for them. If they had a good idea, it would die of loneliness." — Jean (St. Petersburg, FL)

"The Democrats are just furious because Karl Rove was not indicted — then they would have accused the White House (George Bush) of being part of some sort of a cover-up. Since he didn't get indicted they decided to resurrect the pre-Iraq War intelligence in the hopes of discrediting the White House. The Democrats in the Senate are becoming more and more out of control and about as mean-spirited as I've ever seen in politics." — Avis (Kaiula Kona, HI)

"Democrats are losing it — they can't grab a headline without being negative and confrontational! How about trying to solve some problems and help govern!" — FOX Fan (Maine)

"If only the Republican majority would lead and govern with half the passion as the minority Democrats. But alas, we're talking about milk-toast-chamber-of-commerce-type leaders like Frist, Lott, and Hastert. Oh for the days of the Reagan Republican revolution that brought forth Gingrich, Armey, Archer, and Hyde." — William H. (Ennis, TX)

"The scheme is pretty obvious: find any way, any opportunity, any pretext, any circumstance, and any method to hurt Bush in particular, and the Republican Party in general." — Constantine (Queens, NY)

"Why DID we go to war in Iraq? Because the administration wanted it, and tried to justify it. Iraq had no ties to 9/11, but Saudi Arabia did." — B.T.

"Without Tom Daschle 'the obstructionist,' the Senate is in disarray. They don't know where to turn. We worked hard to rid the Senate of Tom Daschle and are proud of Senator John Thune. If their behavior continues they will also lose in the next election. Americans do care what happens in Washington and the last election proves it. Get used to it." — Schrader (SD)

"So we have groups of terrorist extremists who want to kill us all, a bird flu that threatens to kill us all, and Mother Nature seems to also be bent on killing us all, and the people running this country seem to think it’s more important to play politics. When is the next election — so we can get some senators who have their priorities in the right order!" — Dave (NH)